Continental Airlines

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  • Case Study: Eastern Airlines

    Eastern Airlines, once one of the largest iconic airlines in the industry, known for its growth due to The Air Mail Act of 1934, also became known for it’s power struggles and a an ongoing to war with themselves, precisely between management and workers. Like many carriers in the industry during the 1970’s and 1980’s, Eastern was subjected to difficulties due to deregulation which brought on competition within the market, airfare wars as well as waged wars against competitive rivals and in-house management. During those times mostly all industry carries struggled to keep their business up and running and out of bankruptcy, however many lost the battle and were subjected to hostile takeovers, mergers as well as eventually closing their doors…

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  • Engineering Disasters In Engineering

    Knowing this immediately poses the question: Did the engineer who was responsible for sketch the Concorde’s wheel system forget to include the important spacer in the design? The engineers at Air France evidently overlooked fixing these minute problems that would have saved a hundred innocent lives and an airline. Yet these very small problems will now irrevocably haunt them for their entire lives. The fact that the design and the engineering team had known about these problems and had done…

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  • Heraclitus's Five Primary Criticisms Of Change Management

    supporting the new way of doing things and making it a part of an employee’s normal routine. This stage can be challenging as employees might revert back to the previous way of doing things which could hinder the progress of the organization. However, leadership can play an integral part in reducing this risk if they are actively engaged with the employees experiencing the change. Effectiveness of Lewin’s Model An example of the effectiveness of Lewin’s Unfreezing-Changing-Refreezing Model can…

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  • What Happened To Good People?

    It was a brisk summer morning in late August. The clouds were a dark shade of gray and were casting its shadow across the city of Cleveland, yet a ray of sunshine managed to squeeze its way past the darkness and onto Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. This day would change my life for years to come. “Paarth, wake up,” said my mom as she opened the blinds. The day had finally come. My eyes were filled with rheum from an eye infection I was dealing with, but that was not the problem that…

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  • United Airlines Outsourcing Case Study

    Major airline companies such as United Airlines are constantly looking for new ways in which they can reach organizational goals and still maintain cost reduction. The notion of outsourcing allows companies to more effectively achieve these goals by shifting some of the day to day activities to a third party vendor. There are various reasons why an airline might result to outsourcing but regardless of the reason this can cost workers their lively hood as well as possibly compromise the safety of…

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  • Walmart's Rocky Path From Bricks To Flicks Case Study

    When United and Continental merged, the goal was to create value by combining the operation of both companies, focusing on making it “better not bigger.” Functional skills transfer. To create value, both companies transferred people, shared information and know-how. This could make a difference between success and failure. Transfer of general management skills. When the company improves its vision, coordination and control of the business, it creates value. That implies making tough decisions…

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  • Importance Of Proficiency In Flying Airplanes

    Just because a pilot is legally current to fly an airplane does not necessarily mean that they are proficient in operating it. Proficiency is maintained through practice and training. The same holds true with regards to maintaining proficiency in CRM skills. The concept of proficiency is fully understood by the FAA and commercial air carriers; therefore, the Federal Aviation Administration introduced a major change in the training and qualification of flight crews in 1990 with the…

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  • Gordon Betune Case Study

    ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR (HRM-601) Name – Sandeep Shivkote Mallaiah UCID – ss3677 NJIT ID – 31433749 Thought Exercise 6 NAME:- GORDON BETHUNE BIRTH:- AUG 29TH, 1941 TEXAS OCCUPATION :- Chief Executive Officer Continental Airlines(1994-2004) Gordon Bethune is a transformational leader who made dramatic changes to Continental Airlines when he worked as the Chief Executive Officer from 1994 to 2004.Before Gordon took over this responsibility, the company had several black eyes and was on the verge…

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  • Avionics Protection Advantages And Disadvantages

    Protection misrepresentation were the thought processes in self-destructive travelers to crash Pacific Air Lines Flight 773, Continental Airlines Flight 11 and National Airlines Flight 2511. Sorts of protection Avionics protection is partitioned into a few sorts of protection scope accessible. Open risk protection This scope, frequently alluded to as outsider obligation covers flying machine proprietors for harm that their airplane does to outsider property, for example, houses, autos,…

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  • Regional Airline Pilot Essay

    On February 12, 2009 Continental Connection flight 3407 crashed during landing approximately 5 miles from Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. This accident killed all 49 passengers and crew on board the aircraft as well as an individual on the ground. The subsequent investigation determined that, among other things, pilot experience and training were contributing factors to the accident (United States. National Transportation Safety Board, 2010). In the wake of the accident loved ones of the…

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