Continuing professional development

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  • The HCPC Requirements For Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    state the HCPC requirements for continuing professional development (CPD) and seek to explain the benefits of CPD. The benefits for health professionals, patients and the diagnostic radiography profession may not always be aligned. The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) set the standard for continuing professional development (CPD) in the UK. The HCPC were created safeguard the public by regulating and making health professionals accountable through a register. They monitor standards for initial training and education, skills, behaviour, and health. The HCPC currently regulate 14 Allied health professionals including diagnostic radiographers. To remain a registered and therefore employable, it must be demonstrated that…

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  • The Effectiveness Of Continuing Professional Development

    This conclusion is the same as to what Jill Schostak, Mike Davis Et. Al (2009) stated in their report with the title “The Effectiveness of Continuing Professional Development” conducted on behalf of College of Emergency Medicine, Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians and Manchester Metropolitan University that there was no single, singular or correct way of doing CPD and that the processes and context were dependent upon the personal preferences, field of practice and learning styles of a…

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  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    Continuing professional development (CPD) CPD is a term used to describe the opportunities in which individuals will take in order to develop and enhance their skills and abilities and it is the process of monitoring and documenting these skills and experience that are acquired either formally within the workplace or informally referring to elsewhere oppose to within their working environment. These skills may have been gained over the likes of training, and this process helps individuals to…

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  • The Benefits Of Continuing Professional Development For Healthcare Professionals

    This assignment discusses and explains the benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for healthcare professionals, patients and the profession itself. Background The health care and professional’s council (HCPC) is a regulatory body that protects the public (HCPC, n.d). They go about doing this by keeping a register of health and care professionals who meet their standards for their professional skills and training (HCPC, n.d). They operate by meeting various objectives such as…

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  • Continuing Professional Development Case Study

    It also gives the updated procedures and policies in which the setting should follow in order to promote the best possible working practices within the organisation. For example, the ‘Whistle blowing policiy’ this policy may be updated and then have more duties may be addd to the list and so thereforefore CPD allows workers and organisations to update their knowlwdege and make sure that they are uswing the updated practices. Continuing Professional Development can help a professional keep your…

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  • Reflective Essay On Continuing Professional Development

    Mental health is one of the exceptional topic in Nursing that is interesting but quite complicated. You need to fully understand each topics because of its complexities. Another is that we also need to focus on mental health because I think it discusses not only the disorders that we could get but also for us to be aware that these disorders may affect us or our family members. This essay will discuss the different Continuing Professional Development (CPD) topics that I have chosen, and will…

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  • Professional Development Experience

    Feeling Even though I have basic knowledge of sport management and I did my internship at National Stadium Bird’s Nest for six months before, I was still a bit nervous. Fortunately, after interviews with my supervisor as well as other colleagues, I let out a sign of relief since all of them are so nice and this organization is immersed in a relaxed atmosphere. Nevertheless, It was regrettable when Cheyanne pointed out there is no strategy for continuing professional development like CPD at…

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  • STEM Action Plan

    will be introduced to the STEM practices, but additional work needs to be accomplished. Agora already has a framework in place of regular professional learning communities (PLC) managed by lead teachers daily. “In a nutshell, PLCs entail whole-staff involvement in a process of intensive reflection upon instructional practices…

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  • First Year Student Retention

    student satisfaction and retention. For the study the participants consisted of 468 students total at a southeastern university. The median age was 18 years old. They were given surveys and inventories and asked to respond to 48 different scenarios. The conclusions reached were that students want to feel a connection with their advisors and they value the type of emotional relationship they create with them. They found that participants what their advisors did rather than how they did it when…

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  • Army Profession Essay

    spending half your life in school, now you can begin your chosen profession. College or the Army or two roads that can lead to the same path of becoming a professional and working a profession that can help others as well as save lives. What is a profession? “ A profession is something a little more than a job, it is a career for someone that wants…

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