Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing professional development (CPD)
CPD is a term used to describe the opportunities in which individuals will take in order to develop and enhance their skills and abilities and it is the process of monitoring and documenting these skills and experience that are acquired either formally within the workplace or informally referring to elsewhere oppose to within their working environment. These skills may have been gained over the likes of training, and this process helps individuals to reflect and review on what they have learnt and achieved. A CPD needs to be a documented process written by an individual about themselves.
A CPD can bring many benefits including building the confidence of an individual as it is a document showing the
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Within these training schemes, it is likely that the graduates will be given an induction about the business and their work aims and what their job requires, alongside being trained gaining work place skills preparing them for the likes of securing a job.
Management training
Management training focuses on improving skills of an individual as a leader/manager. Management training would be beneficial to anyone who considers becoming a manager as skills will be taught which would be beneficial to this role. Management training is likely to improve an individual’s overall communication skills along with their relationship with others and how they interact.
As part of a CPD I could look into a coaching course which would allow me to develop my skills and help other people to develop their skills too. Coaching can help individuals to discover things that they may not have thought about before as well as making sure that individuals work up to their full potential. Coaching can help individuals overcome issues and problems which may be away to help individuals work to their best
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Induction training would help me as it will allow me to learn the skills I need allowing me to meet this target of acquiring skills and expanding my knowledge. Induction training will take place before I begin a full time job so therefore I think this is achievable by the time I am 21 as I hope to have secured a job by then. Training on and off the job will also allow me to build up and learn new skills too both in and out of the working environment.
To have a level of responsibility within my role (e.g having a managerial role)
In order to achieve a new level of responsibility within my full time job, I may have to shadow a senior employee to recognise what it is they do. If I was to be promoted within my job, shadowing an employee that has a similar role would benefit me as I would be able to watch what they do and how they do it and hope to follow this when I fulfil this role. Additionally, looking into professional courses such as management courses which would help me to learn the skills I need in order to become a successful manager.
To have the opportunity of progressing within my job (e.g moving into different

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