Training And Development And Theories Of The Human Capital Theory

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Human Capital Theory:
There are many theories regarding training and development, but in the present research the theory employed is the Human Capital Theory. This theory is built on the classical theories of the growth, learning and the labor markets. The theory states that employees are the main asset of the organization, so they make an attempt to figure out whether the training increases the productivity. Theory is basically based on the two attributes that is Individual and Organization. (Maimunah, I. & Lawrence, A. 2008). Human capital investment has developed in the past years. This investment helps in increasing the worker and the organization quality, this is the reason training is consider as the important constituent of the human
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They are often considered the main resource or capital of an organization. Training & development is the most important constituent of the human resource that help in increasing the organizational performance. (Bowra et al 2011). The main goal and aim of training is to increase the organization efficiency. (Tharenou, Alan and Celia 2007). According to the Aguinis and Kraiger (2009) organizations overall efficiency , profitability and the productivity is improved by training. Employee’s capacity of performing well in the organization and their motivation level is increase by the help and training and development (Boxall & Purcell 2008). . According to (Kennedy, J. 2009) through training the organization get a competitive advantage, because the workers become more committed and more productive towards the organization. Further, according to the (Chris Amisano, 2010) the success of an organization is dependent on the employee performance, and training is the only method through which the employees become more …show more content…
The task becomes easier for employees and they can see a very clear path towards their goal (Khan 2010). The training helps in increasing the worker skills, knowledge, behaviors and capacities which leads towards the success of an organization (Olaniyanand Lucas 2008). In this competitive world, to sustain in the market an organization must train its employees in order to make them more resourceful, innovative and enhancing their performance.( Falola, Osibanjo, and Ojo, 2014). According to the (Amir and Amen, 2013) ,in this modern era organizations face different challenges because of the technology, in order to cope up with these challenges they provide training to their

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