Importance Of Skill Gap

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Register to read the introduction… The processes for addressing skill gaps are to “define the skills and knowledge required to complete a task and then comparing a person’s current level to that requirement” (Thomas, 2009). When gaps have been determined an action plan to fix, the situation is put into play. Skill gaps that require action plans are developed from lack of education and training or as simple as a job change. The first step of mending skill gaps is identifying the business goal. Identifying the business goals allows the corporation to remain competitive while focusing on work force skills. While focusing on the workforce skills, the business will address critical skills needed to stay in a competitive business. In doing so, the corporation will make sure that the employees receive the right skills to enable optimal business performance. The second step is to collect data. Collecting data from professionals and non-experienced professionals of their position in the business and what the corporation expects will determine the corporation’s decision among provided training. The collected data from professionals and non-professionals will determine exactly what provided training needs to be implemented to assure the organizations success. The next step is to evaluate and make recommendations for the collected data provided. When making recommendations to improve that corporation each profession and non- professionals will be addressed as to what may have caused the skill gap. The skill gap by this time can range anywhere from miscommunication to teamwork and leadership issues. The final step to correct the skill gap is to provide training in the area that the corporation has fell victim. The training will consist of certified and skilled professional outside the corporation in order to make sure all employees understand all aspects of their jobs. In addition, the company should coercing employees to become both professional and …show more content…
Given the different topics, I have provided a performance management strategy that is relevant to your company's business strategy. However, as a small and new limousine business the employee turnover needs to be adjusted to a smaller rate and the employee performance rate needs to maximize. Also do keep in mind that the performance management plan can be crucial when improving businesses. More so, I do believe the recommendations provided to you in the list above will exceed the Landslide Limousine employee

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