Strength Finder Survey Weaknesses

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In the Strengths Finder survey, my five greatest strengths are adaptability, harmony, responsibility, consistency and an includer (Gallup, 2010). I realized that I had some of those strengths but some of those are new to me. The strength that has always stood out to me that I knew about was responsibility. The other four, I guess I have developed along the way.

As I sit and think about my results of my test. Over the years, I guess I have developed these other four strengths along the way. Since I have kids, husband and a lot of newer responsibilities I have learned to adapt to many changes. I have just learned to go along with the flow and to pick my battles with my kids. That I believe falls under being adaptable. It has also helps me at
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I think that would give the employer or organization a great place to start as how to evaluate the employee. From that point, they would know where to start as to where to place the employee in the job, training needed that fits their strengths and weaknesses. Once they have completed the survey, the organization or employer would need to schedule meetings, training and schools that would exercise and broaden their strengths. Use me for example, I didn’t really even know what my strengths were before taking the survey. I am sure there are a lot of people that do not self-evaluate and therefore they do not know their own strengths and weaknesses. Once the employees, learn their strengths they are going to be more aware of their strengths to emphasize on and help make their jobs more …show more content…
Which makes the workplace happier and that helps with workers and coworkers to get along and be productive.

I believe in order to have a strong organization you need good employees with excellent skills, great managers with management skills and a business that has a good product. When you have employees in the position where their skills and strengths are going to be used at their highest potential, your company is going to profit tremendously.

I believe that a company is built and ran successfully and that starts with a good employee base. You also, need to have great benefits such as 401K, vacation and sick days to keep your employees happy. When you have happy employees and you reward your employees with incentives, they are going to work harder for you in turn your company profits. When employees are treated with respect, they tend to work harder and more productively. Along with good employees, comes managers. You have to have managers who are fair to the staff under them and want them to benefit. You have to make sure the managers have regularly scheduled meetings to keep the employees on track, complete regularly scheduled evaluations to promote the employees and have full respect for the staff under

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