Human Resource Management In The Maersk Group

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Over time Human Resource Managements (HRM) value and role within companies has changed and increased. That is to say that the management of human resources went from being operational to strategic. In the past, Human Resources were more commonly known as personnel services or personnel managers. The personnel manager role and function was primarily administrative. The primary responsibilities of personnel managers were hiring, training and the processing of employment forms. Often, the person who was in personnel was dual purposed, meaning that they filled in or covered personnel as one of their tasks, but it wasn’t a full time job. However, as employment laws became more complex and companies more diversified and the need for those companies …show more content…
Maersk started as a small family owned shipping company that experienced significant growth as they moved into a more global shipping company. As the company continued to grow and expand, their old method of hiring and training employees was becoming less effective and efficient. In fact, they were losing employees to competitors and the employees that remained often did not have the skills needed for the company to remain competitive in the global market. As a result, Maersk found themselves in a position where they needed to evaluate their employment practices to remain …show more content…
An effective assessment will allow the training department to focus in on those areas that have the greatest need. Specifically, the assessment should provide insight into those areas or staff that is in need of training as well as identify what kind of training is needed.
There are generally three areas of focus with a training needs assessment. Those are:
Organization Analysis: Which is an analysis of the workplace and company which is centered around the environment, strategies, and resources of the organization. In addition, other issues such as technological change, globalization, quality improvement and employee-empowerment initiatives as well as any mergers and acquisition and restructuring might also need review to determine if training in needed.
Task Analysis: Which can be defined as the process of determining what the content of a training program should be; based on a study of the tasks and duties involved in the job. This information can be obtained by performing a job analysis. This process is broken out in two

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