Cipd Organization’s Approach to Both Attracting Talent and Recruitment and Selection

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Activity 1
In this report I will discuss factors that affect an organization’s approach to both attracting talent and recruitment and selection. My report will also include some recruitment methods and its advantages.
Benefits to the Organization of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.
Currently, an increasing number of organizations are attempting to enhance inclusiveness of underrepresented individuals through proactive efforts to manage their diversity. Recruiting is a critical staffing activity for organizations, but its impact on the job seeker is poorly understood. Much remains to be learned about individual differences in reactions to recruitment efforts.
Improve business performance
Research findings
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wealth, style, charitable nature etc). A business who hasn't been well established in its market will find it more difficult to attract new employees than business who is well know, because it’s perceived to be more economically stable.
Economic Environment
Funds available an economic stability will have direct impact on the whole quality and process of recruitment. Another key factor is the salary and benefits that can be offered to potential employees, either showing competitive rates or lower rates, therefore reducing interest from potential employees.
Employee turnover
Future demand for human resources is determined by the ratio or the percentage of the workers leave an organization within a particular time period.
Factors affecting organization’s approach to recruitment and selection.
Supply and demand
The availability of skilled manpower both inside and outside the organization is an important factor in the recruitment process. If there are not many professionals are available to meet the organization’s requirement the organization need to provide special training to its employees to develop their skills to the required standards.
Labour market
In any particular geographical area employment condition in the community where organization is situated will influence the recruitment efforts of the organization.
Image / goodwill
Positive or negative image of the employer can work as a potential constraint for recruitment.

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