Case Analysis Of Google's Case Study

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Google’s Case Study

1. What do you think of the idea of Google correlating personal traits from the employees’ answers on the survey to their performance, and then using that as the basis for screening job candidates? In other words, is it or is it not a good idea? Please explain your answer.
Google states that in their survey they have gathered responses from their current employees relating to 300 variables that include performance on standardized tests, how old they were when they first used a computer, and how many foreign languages they speak. The survey team then took the responses and compared the answers against the 30 or 40 job performance factors that they keep for each employee. This has lead them to identify clusters of traits
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ii) Identifying personal traits that can predict successful performance. iii) Texting candidates for the identified traits. iv) Measuring their subsequent job performance.
v) Analyzing the relation between human traits and job performance statistically.
If we can prove that the personal traits can predict the job performance with enough testing then it is definitely a great strategy and approach to use. Specially knowing that studies have shown that personality traits do often correlate with job performance.

2. If you wanted to hire the brightest people around, how would you go about recruiting and selecting them?
When it comes to hiring there are multiple ways, but before we dig deeper into them it is important that hiring managers are aware that effective recruitment is crucial. Getting the right group of candidates for screening to be able to hire the best is important.
The awareness of the tests reliability and validity is very important when using tests to take hiring decisions. Some of the tests and criteria to be used would be
1) Cognitive ability
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It is important for employers such as Google to become talent management oriented when it comes to retaining their great employees. Including developing and preparing potential leadership employees. iv) Long Term Incentives: Google has a great incentive to all its employees, which is company stocks. The issue that has been faced with Google shows that many employees retire early due to great wealth that they build through their employment with Google. So as a correction to this I would suggest that Google would make its stocks only available to cash out after a specific goal has been achieved or after working for a specific period of time with Google.
v) Work-Life Benefits: It is very important for Googlers to have a work-life balance while being such hard workers. This is why I would recommend that Google would work on providing the benefits necessary to improve the work-life situation. From these it would include childcare services, elder care and flexible working hours to be able to attend to their family needs. Examples of these could be on campus childcare is a great benefit that Googler’s have, but they have started cutting down the costs of these and not offering other alternatives like emergency babysitting when

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