Human resource management

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  • Synopsis Of Human Resources Management Practice In Human Resource Management

    SYNOPSIS OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN RELIANCE ORGANIZED RETAIL STORES - WITH REFERENCE TO BANGALORE CITY INTRODUCTION Human Resource Management (HRM) is the organizational function that deals with issues relating to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, safety, benefits, employees’ motivation, communication, administration and training. HRM is a strategic and comprehensive approach of managing people at workplace. Its role in the company’s success is growing rapidly with the growth in many sectors in the present globalized era. The HRM practices are crucial in designing the structure for manpower staffing, performance appraisal, compensation and training and development. Innovative HRM practices can play…

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  • Human Resources: A Career In Human Resource Management

    Human Resources (HR) is a career field designed specifically for maximizing the functions of an organization. Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling are all primary functions that HR ought to exhibit. Within these functions are competencies that corporations scout out while interviewing for an administrative opening. The most common competencies include; talent managers/organizational designers; culture and change stewards; strategy architect; operational executors; business…

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  • Human Resources Management: Challenges Of Human Resource Management

    HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM) Challenges of HRM People are regularly a company´s most important resource and also one which tends to need the most complex care. For that there is the human resource management ensuring all company´s employees work under conditions which maximize their efficiency while also achieving their personal goals. This essay will discuss two situations and challenges which happens in companies and are directly linked to HRM, ending those with solutions and conclusions. …

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  • Definition Of Human Resource Management

    Human resource management can be defined as: ‘the department of a business or organization that deals with the hiring, administration, and training of personnel. ' It comprises the training, selection, assessment and ensures that an organization employees are well-remunerated for the jobs they do. HRM is in charge of controlling authoritative society and hierarchical administration and to a substantial degree guarantees that the representatives of an organization agree to the set down standards…

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  • Limitations Of Human Resource Management

    Introduction: Human resource management also well-known as HRM remains as a standout amongst the rapidly growing areas of research in Human Resources (Lepak & Shaw 2008) and also as a strong component of research in the management area. Coming from a computer science background I always wondered how HRM department functions in an organization and why does it play a vital role. This report focuses on my understanding of Human Resources Management based on my learning’s in strategic human…

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  • Human Resources Management: The Importance Of Human Resource Management

    Human Resource managers are accountable for developing, leading, and coordinating all the administrative functions of an organization. They conduct the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; confer with top executives on strategic development. Human resources managers are employed in almost every industry. They work in most offices and they work full time during regular business hours. Human resource managers have a lot of vital tasks that they are responsible for; not only have to…

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  • Human Resource Management Interview

    As learning about the human resource world and what it all involves, it seems a bit over whelming yet exciting because it is so informative. “The role of human resource management is that of a partnership between the human resources (HR) department and management regardless of the organization type” (Niles, 2013). This statement was clear and loud when I sat down for an interview with Doug Kasyon a director in organizational relations, learning and development human resources in University of…

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  • Human Resources Management: Identify Personnel Or Human Resource Management

    Identify Personnel or Human Resource Management Although personnel management and human resource management are focus on people, there are still some different between them. First, personnel management is a traditional approach, focus on the thing that happen between people; but human resource management is a modern approach, focus on how to manage people and thing also the manpower. Personnel administration, employee welfare and labor relation are related to personnel management, but…

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  • Objectives Of Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management (HRM) is a new approach to manage human resources in any organisation. It looks into employment relationship between the employer and employee and its sole purpose is to strategically achieve in adding value to the organisational objectives. According to Storey’s (1992), an HR role is to provide advices and trainings for their line managers on daily basis, to have an advisor role with regards to improving employee’s performance, to develop and implement an HR policy…

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  • Recruitment In Human Resource Management

    Human Resources Management The human resource (HR) department and line managers work closely together to onboard employees for an organization (Dunn, 2010). The HR department has the duty of recruiting candidates for a job and the line manager has the responsibility to select the right person for the job. Recruitment is a method of attracting and obtaining a group of qualified applicants by making the available jobs known to the community (Dunn, 2010). This can be achieved by advertising in a…

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