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  • The Human Body: The Largest Human Skin

    The largest human organ is the human skin, which covers a humans outer being. The general shape of the human skin is much like elastic flat bread stretched to fit an entire skeleton. The human skin resides in the outer realm of the human body like nails. The skin functions as a protection from the elements such as microbes, helps regulate body temperature. Without the skin and nerves could not feel sensations such as heat and cold. Why is touching important? According to Tracy Connor, touching reduces anxiety, helps with bonding, lowers one 's blood pressure, and improves one 's outlook on life (Connor, 2011). The human skin simply offers protection. Acid mantle prevents bacteria from attacking a person 's skin. UV radiation can be damaging one 's skin due to the sun 's position. Since the earth is filled with some many…

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  • Tactile Perception In Human Skin

    When something we touch is bad for us we all want to be able to feel it and pull away as fast as we can to not cause trauma to our skin or even worse, the trauma is so bad that it ends up in death. Tactile perception is a very important part to us humans and animals and without it we wouldn’t be here. Tactile perception is the sense of touch. It also has to do with the brain’s ability to perceive what is being touched. Touch is a complex system called the somatosensory system; the sense that…

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  • Human Skin Color Analysis

    The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color is a TED talk by Angélica Dass that discusses racism and a project that collects the portraits of people of various skin colors. In the beginning of the talk, Angélica introduced her family background and described their skin colors by comparing it with other objects, such as chocolate, cinnamon, and pancake. This description invokes a positive association of skin colors, and it breaks the common notion of how…

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  • Human Skin Color Variation

    DISCUSSION OF THE CAUSES OF HUMAN SKIN COLOR VARIATIONS The variation of human skin color is a complex phenomenon which have not yet been researched and studied conclusively. However, various researchers and academicians have given insight about the possible causes of this important trait. Different researches using people from different parts of the world, evaluation of their environments and diet and to some extent DNA analysis have given a variety of possible causes of human skin color…

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  • Variation In Human Skin And Hair Color

    Human evolution is the time by which humans change overtime. Humans develop characteristics and traits that enhance their abilities and chances for survival. Physical and behavior traits have been shown to have some relations with the common ancestors of apes. While human evolution occurs it coexists with the study of population genetics. Population genetics occurs when frequencies in alleles between populations are distributed. Plenty of researchers have used these two ideas to study how…

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  • Adriana Varejeo

    the shades of the skin as the only altered factor through the series. The paintings also incorporated a color palate of the scheme of hues used to create the different toned skin of the artist. Sun tanned orange shades to cool bark colors to the frosty peach pink were all various colors the author tried to explore. Along with the presentation of paintings, the usage of mixed medium was involved. Varejão self selected and then crafted “thirty-three” hues of skin tones of oil paints based on a…

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  • How Does Aging Affect The Human Body?

    The human body is exceptionally durable relative to its size, especially against the inevitable. Aging occurs in everything- people, animals- even bacteria. While not everything ages the same, every living thing undergoes changes as they get older. These changes can affect the brain, organs, and skin. The real question is: how does aging affect the human body? The study of aging and how it affects the human body and humans in general is called Gerontology (Gerontology 1). Gerontology started…

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  • Animal Testing: The Negative Influence Of Testing On Animals

    Animals are not toys that humans can just play with. Testing on animals is not okay, animals have feelings and families too. If we test on animals, they soon could go extinct and it could have a harmful impact on humans as well. If animals are tested on because there are new alternatives. Animal testing also isn’t always accurate. Testing on animals is savage and fiendish. Animal testing has been going on for years; since 384 BC. Animal testing was invented to see if specific chemicals and some…

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  • Why Is Keratin Important To The Human Body

    The human body has many amazing qualities and so many of them are made up of small proteins. Keratin is the main component of your hair, skin, and nails. Integrin acts a sort of messenger. Cadherin acts a binder, creating the structure of cells. So many different proteins help make the world turn waiting the human body, but they do different things. These are three important proteins. Keratin to is very important to the human body. Keratin is a big factor in making up your…

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  • Cystic Acne

    “terrorizes” most of the human population. Popping, poking, squeezing, and pinching often does not offer much relief. Hundreds even thousands of products on the market, claiming to be the cure. Claiming to rid the skin of all of its troubles. Dermatologists prescribing cream, soaps and scrubs. Even going to the lengths of laser treatments and prescription medications. What if all of the expensive products are not working? Where is there to turn? One way to turn is to a product that is natural,…

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