Humanitarian aid organizations

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  • Emergency Education

    Only a few years ago, the idea of preserving education as a central part of all humanitarian efforts was but an afterthought in the minds of aid workers. Nicolai and Triplehorn (2003) state that it was the 1990 's when this crucial truth that education is the right of every child finally germinated and became the soul of humanitarian aid. This demonstrates the high degree of significance and worth that humanitarian aid organizations now place on continuing education in war-ravaged societies today. According to Treffgarne (2004) emergency education is rapidly increasing and the author properly believes that the escalating importance of education in countries in the midst of chaos not only is transforming governmental and non-governmental humanitarian…

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  • The Importance Of Mercy Corps

    Mercy Corps is a humanitarian aid agency whose main goal is help those struck by disaster. Mercy Corps is all over the world. They are stationed in places like South Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Haiti, Myanmar, India, Uganda, United States, and Syria, just to name a few. (Mercy Corps website CITE) The reasons for needing aid in these countries include natural disasters and man-made disasters. Natural disasters include earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, avalanches, droughts, storms…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of International Humanitarian Systems

    This quote from a Nepalese affected by the Earthquake in 2015, shows that the international humanitarian system needs a fundamental reorientation from supplying aid to supporting and facilitating communities' own relief and recovery priorities. In addition Nigel Fisher, a former Humanitarian Coordinator talks in this Video, how listening to the voices of local communities affected by disaster is essential and a very important part of humanitarian response. “People who are affected and people…

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  • Poverty In Africa

    people to help Africa. How severe is poverty in Africa? Many literatures would mention that Africa is the poorest continent on the planet. The graver reality is that majority of the world’s population is not aware of the devastating effects of poverty, people living in poverty suffer from hunger and are prone to diseases. Donating to Africa is not only a call for civic mercy but more of a humanitarian aid to the people who are victims of poverty. Packtor in 2014 reported that seventy-five…

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  • Sheri Finks 2003 Bosnian War Summary

    the horror of the Srebrenica hospital. Fink provides no accommodations for those who are squeamish: when she describes a “mélange of red blood, yellow fat, pink skin, and silver instruments,” she wants to make sure her audience understands in sickening detail the consequences of war, both on its victims and on the inexperienced and overworked medical personnel (Fink 140). When Fink describes Belgian MSF surgeon Piet Willems as “elbow-deep in blood,” barely able “to clear away an amputated arm…

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  • Theoretical Underpinnings Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    policy that should be undertaken is an increase in the Syrian admission quota and humanitarian aid. Refugee Crisis Context According to the BBC, in early 2011, unrest arose in Syria due to the fatally violent action taken to stop pro-democracy demonstrators which led…

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  • Canadian Red Cross Humanitarianism

    epitome of freedom and democracy – a metaphorical pillar of hope and modernity. The hegemonic nature that nation-states, such as America, has carefully cultivated has allowed them to enjoy international influence in all aspects: political, economic, cultural and societal. Dominance in these areas have enabled Western nation states to shape the idea of what is ‘good’ off of their own ideals and values; thus creating, in contrast, a ‘bad’ to reflect the differences of other countries. These…

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  • My Hope Research Paper

    in North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo , after armed actors attacked one of their convoys and abducted two of their staff members they got them back and closed the search project. MSF helps people all over the world and provides all medical and equality help. No matter who they are or where they come from Doctors Without Borders helps everyone because it is their belief that everyone should have access to health care. I feel that MSF is doing an amazing job to help our world and…

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  • Help Homeless People Essay

    As Lorde sings in her song Royals, money is being spent on jet planes, islands, [and] tigers on a gold leash.” There are millions of people starving in this world. There are millions of homeless people in this world. There are children who would do anything for an actual toy, for an education, and even just a new pair of shoes. In our community there are also people who are starving, homeless, and poor. They need the same resources to survive as the people around the world do. What can I do to…

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  • Essay On Homeless Community

    Throughout the community I reside in, there is a continuous problem of what goes on in the streets. It is not uncommon to see people walking the streets late at night, or begging for money during the day. The reality is these people are struggling, and they need help of some sort. They can’t provide for themselves and we as a community are unable to provide for the amount of people who are struggling. What is the best way to help solve the problem in our community? Many people are going without…

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