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  • The Importance Of Incidents

    incidents these incidents. Regardless of one’s point of view, it is very clear that people in our society struggle in these times and so do the agencies that are handling these tragic incidents. On August 23rd, 2005 a natural disaster had been identified and was on…

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  • Hurricane Katrin The Terrorist Attack Of September 11, 2001

    Some natural disasters overwhelm the management capabilities of authorities, agencies, individuals, businesses, and of many others. When such incidents strike, they cause several casualties among humans and or indescribable damages to properties, and worse, some of the destructions they engender can never be repaired. After the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 which was a human-caused disaster, Hurricane Katrina inflicted in 2005 human losses, damages to goods and properties, and other…

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  • Social Problems In Hurricane Katrina

    person while giving less or no help less affluent persons”. Example in white suburban society West Bloomfield Hills is relatively more affluent than Detroit were most African American live in poverty. If a disaster which has happen before in Detroit) Detroit was the last to receive assistance. I know because it took them almost six months to help my family of five single mother living in Detroit when my house flooded from a storm; I lost everything in the basement. I had to pay someone to drain…

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  • The Cause And Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

    The most recent data, f showed that 4,203 more people moved into the state than out of it. At that rate, it will take Louisiana about 33 years to recover from that loss. Many of the first people to return after Katrina were able to do so because they still had jobs,Even if some people had their homes they were still out of a job. The lack of jobs is the main reason why New Orleans and the surrounding areas have not fully recovered yet. The progress is slow. Katrina damaged more than a…

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  • Hurricane Katrina Reaction

    Critics state that there wasn 't enough done to prepare for the disaster, as well as not enough done after the disaster. Again, Blanco, like Nagin, attempted to place blame onto FEMA, thinking that by submitting a request for aid to President Bush would be enough, and that her job was done. Blanco appears to be looking out for her own self interest, rather than the interests of the people she governed. Michael D. Brown, the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), during…

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  • Hurricane Katrina Preparedness

    he is incompetent” (Dean), President Bush did not respond quickly or correctly towards Hurricane Katrina, which was the main reason for all of his criticism. It took him 6 days to report anything about New Orleans after flying over the damaged city. He stated that they were going to help but nobody saw anything improvement. Then after two weeks President Bush reported from New Orleans to the entire nation to ask them to review their plans and make sure that they will be able to protect…

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  • Analysis Of No Firemen At Ground Zero By Michael Burke

    No Firemen Invited On the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero, many people, families, and even politicians were invited to remember the ones lost on that devastating day. But a group of the most important people on that day weren't. Firemen and first responders were not invited to the anniversary at Ground Zero because there “was not enough room for them” (Burke) according to the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Instead they were sent to an off site location to watch the anniversary…

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  • Exaggeration In The Storm This Time By David Helvarg

    Hurricane Katrina was a purely devastating storm that left new orleans and the surrounding area in ruin for months after the storm had passed. David Helvarg describes the devastation that has taken place throughout the hurricane’s path in the story, “The Storm This Time”. The story starts off with Helvarg arrival in Baton Rouge immediately describing the relief efforts that are taking place to help those affected by this disaster of a storm. As Helvarg continues his documentation of the storm's…

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  • Author Lauren Tarshis Calls The Flood In Louisiana Chapter 2

    Video Discussion Questions Behind the Scenes: “Our World Turned to Water” 1. Author Lauren Tarshis calls the flood in Louisiana “devastating.” What details in the first section of the video (0:10 to 0:48) help you understand how the flood was devastating? It was the first major disaster after hurricane sandy. 2. According to Tarshis, why is it important to share stories of people who have gone through difficult experiences? So that we an connect to thdm even though we are not living in…

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  • The Importance Of Tornados

    Natural disasters are dangerous and many times random. It is important to have response plans in place to provide a structure for emergency personnel. In these situations it is important to have a command structure in place. Its at these times we rely on the preparedness plans that are in place and put them into action. Tornados are to be considered Catastrophic Disasters and would rely on that annex to help create a framework for the emergency personnel. Usually in cases where you have a…

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