Social Problems In Hurricane Katrina

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The social problem I will discuss is the lack of mandatory evacuations resources in New Orleans Louisiana and the population African American. Further, discussions for the reason that o Hurricane Katrina people were force to leave the city. Also, how the social problem impacts the African American children and elderly population people in New Orleans that resided in poverty and did not have the mandatory evacuation resources to leave. Lastly, the political idealology is conservative than moderate or liberal and my own experience as an African American single mother of four living in Detroit.
The lacked of mandatory evacuation resources many African Americans was stranded and left to die. No transportation of food and water, medical supplies,
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As for "society as a whole", I think the attitude and action that occurred during Hurricane Katrina ethical reasoning was lack of the government minimum interest to the African Americans population in New Orleans. According to (Janson, 2003) “The key ethical problem confronted by conservative is that its tenets often lead to policies that proportionally assist relatively affluent person while giving less or no help less affluent persons”. Example in white suburban society West Bloomfield Hills is relatively more affluent than Detroit were most African American live in poverty. If a disaster which has happen before in Detroit) Detroit was the last to receive assistance. I know because it took them almost six months to help my family of five single mother living in Detroit when my house flooded from a storm; I lost everything in the basement. I had to pay someone to drain my basement several times that year we had several storm coming from the hurricanes experienced in the gulf of cost area. I felt homeless because we had to leave the house. The children lost all their belongings and so did I. The failure to provide emergency services to Katrina’s victims, to the failure to target adequate resources to help survivors help rebuild their lives and their communities and the environment was not advised in New

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