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  • The Mississippi Secession Convention

    presidency which has resulted in the secession of the state of Mississippi. There was some opposition to whether seceding was the right choice to make within the state of Mississippi because it would eventually result in a war. The state of Mississippi was unsure if they should wait on other Southern states to secede from the Union or start the movement themselves. With Mississippi being aware that they would not be able to stop Abraham Lincoln from hindering slavery resulted in the delegates pushing for immediate secession of the state of Mississippi. The delegates of the Mississippi Secession Convention were pro- secession because they felt strongly on their belief that they should protect the institution of slavery. The delegates of the Mississippi Secession Convention mostly consisted of wealthy men that held prestigious jobs. The delegates in the convention were wealthy because they were either big time farmers or they owned an abundance of slaves. The Mississippi Secession Convention was mainly held to pass the ordinance for secession and helping form a new government for the state of Mississippi. The convention consisted of two groups which were the secessionists and the anti- secessionists or the…

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  • Poverty In Mississippi Delta

    Most Southern Places in Dixie: The Mississippi Delta, 1964- Present Poverty is a plague that has swept across Mississippi for numerous of years. It is defined as the circumstances or condition in which an individual or community lack the fundamental needs for a minimum standard of well-being. One of the constant barriers in most rural communities is poverty. Though there have been many attempts to reduce the level of poverty, it is still an underlying issue in rural communities. Poverty…

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  • Coming Of Age In Mississippi Summary

    Abigail Schaefer Mr Lucasko Honors Social Studies II August, 27th 2015 Coming of Age in Mississippi Summary and Historical Analysis In Anne Moody’s memoir Coming of Age in Mississippi, Civil Rights plays a large role.Majority of the story takes place in Mississippi during the 1940’s ,with a young girl no older than four or five,named Essie Mae(Later known as Anne Mae). Essie Mae lived on a plantation owned by a man with the name Mr. Carter. She lived with…

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  • Racism In Sons Of Mississippi

    How should one relive history? For many, the greatest moments in history were the most excruciating to relive while others reveled in the moment to tell you about their past. At least until questioned about his or her barbaric actions towards another human being. Dating back to the 1800’s, Mississippi has been the most consistent at reliving and recreating racism and its history. Whether this is by happenstance or by the utter hatred of those who are born and bred in good ole sovereign…

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  • Why Is Mississippi River Important Today

    Mississippi history played a big part in how America is today. Mississippi gets its’ name from the Native American word meaning “great river”. This comes from the Choctaws Indians which were the largest Native American tribe in Mississippi before they lost their lands due to unfair treaties. The Mississippi River has played a large role in Mississippi history. The Mississippi River helped create the fertile Delta region of Mississippi. Mississippi is known for its history of racism. Many…

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  • Mississippi Persuasive Speech Outline

    Attention Getter: How many of you know that Mississippi is one of the most obese states in the country? What if I also told you that Mississippi is one of the most food insecure states as well. Food insecure meaning that access to food is limited by lack of money or other recourses. A study done by USA Today called “States Where the Most Children Go Hungry” suggest that almost 30% of all children in Mississippi are food insecure meaning that when they go home; they probably are…

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  • Mississippi River Documentary

    We 're also shown how farming and timber practices had caused topsoil to be swept down the river and into the Gulf of Mexico leading to catastrophic floods and impoverishing farmers. I especially love the buildup, using the imagery of small trickles of water that became creeks and brooks that became tributary to other rivers that became the Mississippi. In cinematic fashion the filmmakers are painting a picture for us in which they depict all of the rivers that run into the Mississippi to look…

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  • Why Was Mississippi Important In The Civil War

    Mississippi was important during America’s Civil War. It played a huge part as an aid of the south, and was genuinely excited for the war in the beginning. The first battle of the war in Mississippi, the battle of Shiloh, cited Mississippi’s resistance against the Union army and their advancements to take over a vital source of transportation in the state, Corinth. With this town, the Union would be able to take over the railroads and the Tennessee River. Unfortunately for the Union and…

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  • Mississippi River Importance

    In the 1800’s and throughout all history the Mississippi River has been such a critical part of the United States of America. To emphasize the importance of the Mississippi River, here are some facts to show how much of an effect on the great nation of America. Notably, in Kieran Walsh’s book, The Mississippi, she states that the Mississippi has several tributaries including the Missouri, Arkansas, and Ohio rivers (Walsh 5). All of these, help make the Mississippi River what it is now.…

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  • Poverty In The Mississippi Delta

    of the Delta population is living in poverty, alone. High volume of poverty is devastating the great fertile land of the Delta. As we all know, poverty is still alive even in the 21st century. Just as the Mississippi Delta is known as the land of the rich and abundant, it can also be characterized as poor and abandoned. Just like reminiscing on the soft music and sweet words from the authors of this impoverished region, an individual can only imagine the terror and inequality that African…

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