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  • Essay On My First Real Job

    My first real job was working at a franchise restaurant. Working at this franchise was the worst job I ever had. I started working the summer of 2012. I wanted to have extra cash in my pocket, so when I get to college I would have money to be able to pay for my books and whatever else I needed to pay at school. Also, to have extra money to help my family with anything around the house. Therefore I applied to Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts is a highly known franchise in the United States of America that I first starting working for. I never really knew of Dunkin Donuts and never went to eat there, until one day that I was really desperate to start earning money and decided to apply. I started working and it quickly became the worst job I could have ever imagined. I had to wake up at 6am until 3pm, 6 days a week a 9 hour shift. With the unpleasantness of rude customers, the numerous tasks…

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  • Descriptive Essay About A Place Dunkin Donuts

    Don’t you just love the small of coffee in the morning? Do you ever need that extra push to start off your day? There are many great places that come to mind where you can get this great luscious treat, but one in particular should outshine the rest, Dunkin’ Donuts. This is a great and not so unhealthy place to go if you’re ever in a hurry or just want to take the time and eat something. They have a big menu variety starting from cold/ hot drinks to sweets or sandwiches from the bakery. There…

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  • Dunkin Donuts Job Analysis

    Opening soon; new Dunkin Donuts As a newly promoted district manager my goal is to share my passion for results while expanding my managerial skills, problem solving, and decision making skills, at each of the five different locations. There are many things that I now have to take care of as a District Manager with being responsible for five different stores; I will work hard at making each store as successful as possible to achieve this; by utilizing the vast support network and franchising…

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  • Dunkin Donuts: Monitoring Employees Communication

    (b) In one paragraph identify 1 real organization that you think is efficient an effective and support your answer by giving specific examples. Dunkin Donuts has undergone a brand transformation over the years with newer stores and updated technology. One that stands out from is their mobile payment application that was introduced in 2012 (Dunkin ' Donuts offers mobile payment app of its own). The app is free for customers to join and encourages customers to pay for coffee, donuts, and…

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  • Nestle India Case Study

    Maggi What Xerox is to photocopier and Colgate to toothpaste, Maggi is to noodles in India – Economic times, May 21st 2003 1 Introduction Nestlé India, the Indian subsidiary of Nestlé SA, introduced the Maggi brand in India in 1982, with launch of instant noodles - Maggi 2 Minute Noodles. Nestle India created a new category in the packaged food segment. Nestle India’s first-mover advantage helped to establish and retain its position as a leader in its category. Over the years, Nestle…

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  • Creative Writing: Another Day On The Plantation

    pecans that Mister didn’t want to make the most scrumptious cake. “Pa, Momma wants me to come help you while she makes a pecan cake. It’s my birthday!” Ben said as smiled in excitement. “You think I would actually forget your birthday, little Ben? Happy thirteenth birthday, son. Why don’t you go over there and fetch me that wheelbarrow,” Papa said as he pointed at a rusty, red wheelbarrow leaning against a tool shed. As Ben walked, he thought about the enticing cake he was going to get to dig…

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  • Dunkin Donuts: Company Overview

    Description of Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts is a multinational donut firm and coffeehouse based in the United States in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, and Canton. William Rosenberg established the firm in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts (Rosenberg, 2002). The firm has developed to become the largest baked goods and coffee chain globally having more than 12,000 restaurants in 36 nations. The products of the chain entail bagels, donuts, various baked products, and a broad array of iced and hot…

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  • Character Analysis Of Matilda In Mister Tip

    Matilda is a thirteen year old girl who portrays many different traits in this book. Matilda has to deal with multiple things circling around in her life. As a thirteen year old, this can be very hard. For example, her father does not live with her and she always thinks about him. Matilda has to deal with the idea of a war going on. When you are this young and at any age, war is a scary thing. Matilda does a great job of keeping it together in Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones, which reveals a lot about…

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  • Bougainville's One Character Analysis

    Conflict grips the World in 2014: civil war rages in Syria, ISIS ravages Iraq, and Ukraine remains a battleground. These conflicts resemble Mister Pip’s setting, 1990s New Guinea, in which rebels combat government forces, pressuring the inhabitants of Bougainville, a small village, including the widow Dolores, her daughter Matilda, and Matilda’s teacher, Mr. Watts, to make quick decisions regarding their essential values. In each of the three cases, the characters make hasty choices because they…

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  • Dunkin Donuts Case Analysis Essay

    as consumers naturally depend upon and welcome coffee as a warm, caffeinated, familiar, (and for some, necessary) drink that keeps the worlds moving. In fact, Dunkin’ Donuts,’ an international coffee giant and one of the companies under study in this analysis, is known for its famous slogan “America runs on Dunkin.’” Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts by William Rosenberg. Dunkin’ Donuts was successfully operated by Rosenberg and even acquired its largest competitor…

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