Dunkin Donuts Swot Analysis

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Description of Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts is a multinational donut firm and coffeehouse based in the United States in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, and Canton. William Rosenberg established the firm in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts (Rosenberg, 2002). The firm has developed to become the largest baked goods and coffee chain globally having more than 12,000 restaurants in 36 nations. The products of the chain entail bagels, donuts, various baked products, and a broad array of iced and hot beverages. Its revenue in 2016 was the US $828.9 Million (Mass, 2017).
Mister Donuts was the main competitor of Dunkin Donuts prior 1990 (Rosenberg, 2002). However, in February that year, the owner of Dunkin Donuts Allied-Lyons acquired Mister Donut. Following the acquisition of Mister Donut, every store of Mister Donut in
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The global system-wide sales of Dunkin Donuts were $6 billion by 2010 (Beth, 2010). The company developed an application for gifting and payment for Android smartphones, iPod touch, and iPhone in 2012. Dunkin Donuts established their first loyalty system in 2014.
Key Current Competitors
The competition in the quick service industry has been stiff for several years particularly in the United States. Dunkin Donuts is among the main fast food players in the industry that has developed its ground in the United States and other nations globally. However, it has competitors that are also well-strategized and effective as Dunkin Donuts.
Starbucks is recognized as the most prominent quick service restaurant chain based in the United States that focuses on offering coffee. Over the time, its success story has been overwhelming and it is accurately manifested in its expansion and revenue growth. It was able to increase its location globally in 2016 alone to approximately 2000 improving its total stores to DUNKIN DONUTS

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