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  • Coffee Monologue

    Coffee, you are life. “Oh my goodness, I could seriously go for a cup of ‘Joe’” is something you know I say on a daily basis. I like to call you “Joe” because to me there is no other way to express it. I just look at you and think,”Yep, that’s my ‘Joe’.” Ever since I was eight years old, I would drink my daily cup of “Joe” every chance I got. You are something I would never turn down. There is just something about the smell of freshly brewed coffee lingering in the air, mixed with pumpkin spice and vanilla creamer. Oh how your invigorating scent alone can play with my senses before I even get out of bed, the world may never know. Hey “Joe”, I love you. You know this. Sitting there on display at the church coffee bar just calling me over with your delicate smell (kind of how…

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  • Globalization Of Coffee

    Over the years, coffee has become the world’s most valuable legally traded commodity, second only to oil. Shortly after its unique and beneficial attributes were discovered, coffee has spread readily around most parts of the world. As demand for this beverage grew, so did its need for cultivation, and agriculture of coffee beans began to spread with its popularity in regions of the world where climate allows for such growth. As with many other commodities in the world, the popularity of coffee…

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  • The Archetype Of Coffee-Kona Coffee

    Coffee gift baskets are great for coffee lovers. However, it can be complete without the coffee itself. There are many different kinds of coffee to choose from. You can be creative with the flavors and add accessories to complete the package. Here are some coffee selections that can be assembled in the gift basket: Kona Coffee - Kona coffee is a premium specialty coffee made in Hawaii. Because of this, it is only grown just right in a few places in the world. Growing this type of coffee…

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  • Spread Of Coffee

    The spread of coffee from its humble beginnings in Yemen to its trade in the rest of Europe is curious. Trade, competition, and the desire for the energetic properties of coffee all fueled the spread of coffee, but what are the most important factors that influenced coffees’ spread to the rest of the world, and ultimately led it to become a global beverage? It was the open, traveling nature of Sufi sects that encouraged the spread of coffee outside of the Sufi dhikr worship meeting and into the…

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  • Starbucks Coffee

    The idea for Starbucks began in 1983 when Howard Schultz discovered the espresso bar in Italy. Schultz discussed the idea with his bosses at Starbucks, who instantly turned down the idea. Schultz started his own company in 1985, bought the Starbucks name in 1987 and carried out his vision to put an espresso bar on every corner. Schultz believed people wanted a place away from their home and office that was convenient for their coffee. The company decided that customers should not have to…

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  • Coffee In Colombia

    selected to write about topic #1 "Coffee is King". At the very foundation of Colombia, there lies coffee. Coffee has been deeply ingrained within the history, economy, culture and social structure of Colombia; it 's no wonder that it is referred to as “king”. The objective of this essay, is to explore how coffee has had a direct impact on the development of Colombia, and how it continues to affect it today. Colombia is located in South America. To the east, are its neighbors Brazil and…

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  • Coffee Informative Speech

    that this plant also can live anywhere between 60 to 70 years? Relate to audience: When this berry is heated up and cooled down it turns into the bean we love and crave today as Coffee. Credibility: I am a coffee lover and drink coffee throughout the year and have done research on this topic. Thesis: So, how is coffee made, where is it originated from, and why do people love it so much? I. How is coffee made? A. The first step of making coffee is by harvesting the coffee bean. A…

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  • Coffee Drinker Classification

    No doubt about it, America is a nation of coffee drinkers. The numerous chains and coffeehouses built every day in this country is a testament to the staggering number of people who just love the look, feel, and smell of a hot cup of coffee to get them going in the morning or calm them in the evening. Any type of coffee drinker can find a coffee service that they like, and they can have any kind of specialty gourmet brands overnighted to their home or office. Search online for Internet coffee…

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  • Coffee Industry Analysis

    Did you know that 54% of Americans over the age of 18 consume coffee on a daily basis? Research has proven that coffee, when enjoyed in moderation, indeed provides the body with a variety of health benefits, for example: coffee provides the body with a boost of caffeine, thus stimulating the mind cognitively and body physically. With coffee being so popular among a large consumer segment, it should come as no surprise that coffee has done extremely well in retail sales in the past, and is only…

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  • Threat Of Coffee Essay

    6 billion cups of coffee each day (Fiegl 2012). People pick it up on their way to work and class. It has helped college students survive many all-nighters. It provides an avenue for old friends to catch up, as well as for new relationships to form. Coffee is worth over $100 billion worldwide, which means it is even more valuable than commodities such as gold, oil, corn, and sugar. Coffee is grown in over 50 countries worldwide, and the America 's make up 67% of all coffee grown around the world…

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