Coffee Drinker Classification

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No doubt about it, America is a nation of coffee drinkers. The numerous chains and coffeehouses built every day in this country is a testament to the staggering number of people who just love the look, feel, and smell of a hot cup of coffee to get them going in the morning or calm them in the evening. Any type of coffee drinker can find a coffee service that they like, and they can have any kind of specialty gourmet brands overnighted to their home or office. Search online for Internet coffee clubs that cater to your specific tastes, or else try the coffee of the month club that lets you sample a new blend every month. It 's time to evaluate what type of coffee drinker you are. How many coffees do you drink in a typical day? Where do you usually …show more content…
It 's a great invention for those who want instant coffee for a quick-pick-me-up on the spur of the moment or when you 're running late on time. But as for me, I consider myself a true coffee lover and can 't enjoy coffee without a coffee press. Our family has a box of Tassimo coffee cartridges shipped to our house every month, and they are of course, cappuccinos. One of the choicest coffee services I have ever heard of is the office supply package. Talk to your boss and see if possibly your office could start participating in this service. Here 's how it works: the company sends your office a coffee machine similar to Braun or Keurig instant coffee machines. Then every month your office receives a shipment of their choice of beans: regular, hazelnut, vanilla, and so on. You can specify the delivery time that works best for your work schedule and you also control how much coffee you receive each month. Larger offices of course need larger volumes of coffee, but employees in small offices want a great selection to choose from too. If you work for yourself you can still take advantage of these services-you just won 't have to share with …show more content…
I admit it and I realize that I probably drink too much of it-but I don 't care. I love Coffee and Tea and I 'm always looking for somewhere new to try in Whittier, California where I live. Seriously, it 's a big deal for me to find someplace that I really like and can enjoy a nice, steaming cup of Joe, or a refreshing glass of flavored Tea. Of course there 's Starbucks and well, let 's face it; you really can 't go wrong with Starbucks. Their products are outstanding and I think I 've tried just about everything on their menu. I especially love the Starbucks near my home on Whittier Blvd. in Whittier, CA. The people are great, the coffee is always fresh and the environment is comfortable and relaxed. I usually sit back and enjoy my coffee while lounging in one of the over-sized chairs and take advantage of the free WiFi available. I 'm a simple girl and I love their regular bold coffee-in Venti size of course. It 's fresh and my basic Venti coffee runs me about $1.95. What a deal! I have had some terrible coffee for less than a buck, but I don 't mind paying a little more for something I thoroughly enjoy. I have been unable to stop at the coffee though. As I wait for my coffee, inevitably I 'm drawn to the delectable goodies in the pastry case. It 's hard to say no to the homemade taste of the pastries that Starbucks offers and since most of them will only set you back about $1.75 it 's worth the indulgence. They don 't skimp on

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