Difference Between Dunkin Donuts And Starbucks

Starbucks Versus Dunkin’ Donuts

Most people would agree the majority of our population may crave caffeine at some point throughout his or her day. We all have busy lifestyles and schedules that are never-ending, on occasions. In result, most of us look for a little ‘pick-me-upper’ at some point in the day. Usually, this fulfilment comes from local coffee houses or breweries. Lattes, iced or hot coffee, Frappuccino’s and teas, are ideally what people are looking for to give them that tasty boost to energize them for the time-being. Specifically, there is a coffee shop that’s quite popular all throughout the U.S which is the famous Dunkin’ Donuts. As a child, I loved this
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The hand-crafted drinks multiply after some time, and you should be concerned that you’re getting what you pay for; the appealing, well-crafted substance as advertised. Visiting a Dunkin Donuts isn’t always a favorable time, personally. As a popular store, the lines are long and orders get rushed, especially at peak hours. But, there is no excuse for poor or unfriendly service during non-busy hours, especially when it happens regularly. Dunkin should be more concerned about the quality of service they provide, and less about cutting their long lines down. Starbucks on the other hand, gives off a separate perspective. I am not worrisome about waiting an extra two or three minutes or so, because I know when it’s my turn to have my drink made, it will be done correctly and will taste of perfection. It is provable that Starbucks provides much more appealing services, and creates relationships with their customers. At my local Starbucks, I know the majority of the employees by name, and some have even memorized my desired drinks. As the consumer that makes me eager to return to the friendly faces I see sporadically throughout the week at Starbucks. In conclusion, Starbucks is the top coffee house around and meets the majority of their customers’ …show more content…
Some people such as myself even experience withdrawals if no caffeine has been consumed, which leads to painful headaches. This is because our bodies adapt to certain substances one being coffee; which is highly addictive. For this purpose, I want it confirmed my coffee drink is being produced in the healthiest environment possible, with the best-for-me ingredients. Because of my intake, it’s best to be wary of my intake and make sure I’m taking proper precautions. Coffee can cause irritable bowel syndrome, harsh stomach pains, also dizziness or headaches if not properly consumed. Although I limit coffee intake, while visiting Dunkin’ it can be expected to receive stomach pains after consuming their iced coffee. There’s a certain substance or sweetener that tastes unnatural, and extra syrup-like that leaves a nauseous feeling every time. Another reason I prefer Bucks over Dunkin; the difference in preparation, and

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