Dunkin Donuts Vs Krispy Kreme Essay

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An age old argument is the debate between the two most popular doughnut shops in the nation, Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme. One is known for the classic glazed doughnut and the iconic paper hat, and the other is more recently popular and known for a delicious coffee-doughnut combination. While Krispy Kreme has the allure of showing their glazing process and is considered the epitome of hot, fresh doughnuts, for the reasons of exhibiting more variety and offering better availability, Dunkin’ Donuts is obviously the better chain. In every study shown, Dunkin’ Donuts has won in the taste test. I have tasted both and personally believe that Dunkin’ Donuts is better. It has fresher, more quality donuts that are brought to the stores every morning, and have a more dough like texture as opposed to Krispy Kreme’s …show more content…
On the Dunkin’ Donuts website there are a whopping 128 different flavors of doughnuts including seasonal ones, which is obviously very impressive, while Krispy Kreme only offers 55 different doughnuts. Since it has such a grand variety there is always a doughnut for each individual to enjoy. Some people do not enjoy the deliciousness of doughnuts and prefer to have something a little more healthy to consume. Dunkin’ Donuts offers not only a wide variety of doughnuts but also other breakfast foods such as breakfast sandwiches, and there is even a ‘DDSMART’ option provided on the website. Even a large variety of coffee drinks are produced there, while Krispy Kreme only gives the typical regular coffee. More people are beginning to enjoy unique coffee drinks, so go to Dunkin’ Donuts and order yourself one. Join the crowd and see the magic deliciousness people see in these drinks. In conclusion, make the right decision when picking your favorite and choose variety instead of the typical donut

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