Organic Coffee Research Paper

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Caffe Sanora Organic Coffee is one of the top organic coffees having 40% more antioxidants than many of the other coffees on the market. If you haven 't switched to organic coffee, Caffe Sanora may just be the perfect introduction to natural coffees. Caffe Sanora Organic Coffee offers a lot of variety to the coffee drinker because in addition to a really good cup of coffee, and the benefits of the antioxidants, organic coffee drinks have a choice in the flavor of coffee. So what makes Caffe Sanora Organic Coffee different from other organic coffee? According to their Web site they use a process which is different from other coffee companies. Caffe Sanora Organic Coffee is made from a "Healthy Roast Process," by special handling their beans …show more content…
Eager to get in on the trend, coffee machine manufacturers touted the benefits of "pod" coffee makers that would make one cup of perfect coffee without the fuss. The machines are convenient, and the coffee is good. But the pods used to brew the coffee are up to four times as high as regular rip coffee. Enter the new Perfect Pod. If you 've missed the commercials, the Perfect Pod uses standard coffee and heat seals pods that work in any pod coffee machine. In theory, this is a great idea. But how would it work in real life? Actually, pretty well. The Perfect Pod is small, so it takes up very little room in a kitchen crowded with gadgets, but make no mistake, the Perfect Pod packs a wallop. It 's easy to operate. Place a preformed empty pod into the well and fill with your favorite coffee. Place the top of the pod on,close the lid and the Perfect Pod heat seals the paper filter into a single serving coffee pod. I tried the pod in a Senseo, and it worked fine. The coffee tasted great (I used regular Folger 's) and the pod held together well. It was a good fit and was mess free. I was worried that the seal would loosen under the pressure, but it held up fine. The Perfect Pod is perfect for people who are on a budget, or who like their coffee weaker or stronger than commercially available coffee pods offer. It also allows coffee drinkers to use their favorite roasts, flavors or blends to make custom coffee pods. Tea also works in the Perfect Pod, so it makes a great gift for tea drinkers. The Perfect Pod is available through TV infomercials for around $50, but it can be found at retailers such as Amazon for under $40. Pod filters are $4.99 for 40. Ten premaid Senseo pods retail for $5.99, so the Perfect Pod pays for itself in a short time. "As Seen on TV" products usually leave much to be desired, but the Perfect Pod actually lives up to its claims and fills a need. If you

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