Cognitive neuropsychology

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  • Personal Narrative: My Change From High School To College

    Throughout the first semester of my first year as a college student, I have learned a lot. The change from high school to college was definitely an interesting experience. I have become more independent as the weeks went by. I have had to solve issues I never thought I would’ve come across. We have had the chance to get a taste of various disciplines: Christian, communism, music, culture, and psychology. It was a way for us to view the world from different angles. The first thing we started the year with was the Christian part of the course. Dr. Dresser was the one in charge of this section. I grew up in a Catholic family so this section was comfortable for me. I already knew God but I got to know him better. I also got to notice his miracles more. God is the center of my life. Every time I have a problem, I pray. Prayer is to me a necessity just like breathing is. This class has allowed me to understand life more than I did. After the religious segment of the class, we moved on the next: culture. This allowed us to gain a broader understanding of the world. We got to further get to know each other. This allowed us to respect each other and to be more aware of our surroundings. I also understood one thing. Even though we are all from different backgrounds, we all seek the same thing: success. One of the amazing things is that we all can communicate through one language: English. That is one thing I love about the world we live in today. We find a way to come together despite…

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  • Concussions: The Importance Of Concussions In Football

    Many brain trauma’s, including early onset dementia have sprung from concussions, not to say that sport related activities are the soul culprit but with the vast majority of the incidence coming from that specific area the concussion protocol has become a hot topic. This new concern for the concussion protocol is so new that the NFL did not introduce it until as late as 2012. This article and the research is so important because, use of a virtual reality-based NP platform can detect lingering…

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  • Clinical Psychology: Personal Statement

    father was a graduate. Rather, I was immediately attracted by the accommodating faculty and staff, the comprehensive overview of the program, as well as the possibilities to work with professors on projects. When I first came to ISPP to acquire information, I did not know what to expect. However, through the help of my Admissions Counselor, as well as reading about the program, I came to understand how it could benefit my professional career. I am currently a senior at Roosevelt University…

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  • Assessment In Clinical Practice: Clinical Analysis

    Explore assessment in clinical practice. What is available? Why is it important? Focus on general aspects rather than focusing on one or two specific diagnoses. Assessment in clinical practice is a crucial first step towards making a diagnosis. A mental health professional is able to use a variety of assessment tools to carry out a complete psychological assessment and provide an enhanced picture of the patient (Kring et al., 2014). This essay will explore two assessment measures used in…

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  • Fmpa Pros And Cons

    WCPA searching for Executive Functioning By Robin Dobrusin and Christopher Shedyak Literature: Weekly Calendar Planning Activity (WCPA) Author: By Joan Toglia, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA Theory Model: Cognitive Rehabilitation Objective: A performance-based measure of executive function (EF), and cognitive ability. Materials Needed: A weekly calendar broken into hourly increments with sub divisions into 15 min increments, scrap paper, pen or pencils, a score chart (provided in the book WCPA)…

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  • Media Multitasking Research Paper

    of different factors, including time of day. Calculating the time of the day that each participant spends the most time media multitasking, will result in a more accurate description of the true executive function of the participants chosen. Recognizing outside factors are also important when recognizing the reason behind frequent media multitasking is another way to understand results of the tasks conducted. Berk & Myers (2015), recognize the fundamental steps of early adolescent development,…

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  • Pulvinar Role In Emotional Processing

    Emotional processing and processing information are linked to specific areas within the brain. Cognitive neuroscience has had advances that show the processing of emotional information and the network that carries it through cortical and subcortical regions. Some of the networks required for emotional processing are also involved in attentional processing and attentional processes. Attention and emotion are correlated this way. Emotional processing studies recently began considering the…

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  • Neuron Imaging Techniques

    The modern technology allows the researcher to know more about the cognitive processes. Neuron-imaging techniques allow the researchers to learn about the brain structure and functions. This will help them to understand the difference and the relationship between cognitive process and behavior. There are different types of brain imaging technologies: PET- Positron Emission Topography, MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging, frMri- functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging EEG: Electroencephalogram and CAT-…

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  • Jean Piaget's Theories Of Cognitive Development

    Name of Psychologist Jean Piaget Field of Psychology Developmental Psychology Main Contributions Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is his theory that he theorised that the person’s childhood plays a major role in his or her development as a person. In his theory there are 4 stages, Jean Piaget was inspired by that theory when he was observing his nephew and his daughter, he concluded that children are not less smart than the adults, but they think differently compared to the adults.…

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  • Importance Of Confidence On Confidence

    The cause of failure and fear in our life is due to lack of confidence. When we loose our confidence, we can’t control our emotion and we afraid for making something wrong. There are many merit that we can obtain from boosting our self confidence which is one of the strongest pillar of success. Keeping ourselves nice and pretty helps us boost our confidence. If we are confidence we can perform better and will be street out. Having a confidence means self believe and increase the faith on…

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