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  • Speaker Cones Essay

    the speaker can handle. High power performance can create heat of around 250°C(Langford-Smith, 1957, p. 835) hence the need for a metal chassis. It helps to dissipate heat and is sufficiently stiff. Another choice has to be made in choosing a stamped or cast metal basket. The latter tends to be more precise and maintains its stability. Aluminium cast frames are usually chosen for large woofer cones which have to deal with heavy magnets. On the one hand, the chassis has to be as strong as possible but on the other hand it must not influence speaker cone movement. Therefore it needs to be as open and durable as possible. Well-vented design assures heat radiates away from the voice coil. The last factor is self-resonance. To counter this the chassis has to be acoustically dampened. 1.6. Voice coil…

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  • Tesla Coil Essay

    In essence, Tesla coils are a high-voltage, resonant transformer circuits. They consist of the six major components (Behrend 1), namely: Primary transformer Tank capacitor Spark gap Primary coil Secondary coil Toroid Figure 1: Tesla coil (diagram) A primary transformer is a step-up transformer that takes the line voltage of the AC source and steps it up to a range between 12 kV and 50 kV at 60 Hz (Johnson 4). The efficiency of this transformer is largely dependable on the construction…

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  • Flexi-Coil Ltd: Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Flexi-Coil Ltd., a division of CNH Global, is Canada's largest farm implement manufacturer and has become a key employer in the Saskatoon area since its establishment in 1952 by the farming brothers Emerson and Kenneth Summach. [1,2] In 1997, Flexi-Coil sold 35% of its market shares to New Holland Agriculture. In 1999, New Holland became a brand of CNH Global. [3] Later, in the same year, CNH Global completed the purchase of the global Flexi-Coil business. [2] In 2013, CNH…

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  • Nikola Tesla Abstract

    Paulo Lúcio Aquino, a research in order to analyze and try to fully understand Nikola Tesla, building several of his experiments, including the Tesla Coil, radio and the wireless transportation. “Innovate Tesla” is an ongoing project financially supported by the Shelter Foundation of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ) that has been awarded in state-level expositions of technology and science…

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  • Ugly Mug Making Essay

    rolled into a coil. To make a coil, an even amount of pressure is applied to the ball of clay, moving the hands back and forth like a rolling pin. Once this step has been done for a few seconds a snake-like coil will start to form. The coil needs to be continually rolled until it is about the thickness of a pointer finger. However, the moisture in the clay will be absorbed by the skin, which makes the clay harder to work with, and it will start to crack the more it is worked. A spray bottle…

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  • Futon Mattress Case Study

    The mattress has 15-gauge pocket coils and offers you comfortable seating. The manufacturer has constructed it with different polyester layering placed between the coils and cover. If you have a back issue, the futon is ideal for a relaxing sleep. Features: • Certified: Green Foam Certified • Coil Material: 480 tempered steel • Foam: Pressure relieving comfort foam with 15-gauge pocket coils • Material: Cotton and Polyester • Sizes: Single to King • Sold: Excluding stand • Thickness:…

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  • Executive Summary: Trane Company

    In the 70’s a few companies tried their hand at making outdoor coils using all aluminum, environmental corrosion turned out to be a conquering opponent. Only one company had success, which was Trane Company, due to a very cleaver design, where the condensing tube is covered with glue an additional piece of aluminum. This additional piece is sacrificed to the environment, allowing the primary tube to stay in tack. Trane patented the process in details making it extremely hard to duplicate. In a…

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  • Saatva Mattress Research Paper

    this mattress is for you! The back and neck pain will be gone within a week and your mornings will feel fresher than ever! Differences Between Saatva and Some Other Mattresses: Saatva vs Casper: The Saatva has about four layers including 1.25" soft foam, 1" memory foam, 4" foam encased coils and 7" hourglass-shaped coils, while the Casper only has three: 1.5" latex foam, 1.5" memory foam and 7.0" support foam. The Saatva is available in two heights: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches, while the Casper…

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  • Essay On Bipolar Stepper Motor

    These have four wires on them (see Figure One-a). They are tricky to control because they require changing the direction of the current flow through the coils in the proper sequence. We will discuss these motors further when we get to the topic of DC motor control. * Unipolar motors, with two center-tapped coils which can be treated as four coils (see Figure One-b). These have six or eight (or sometimes five) wires, and can be controlled from a microprocessor with little more than four…

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  • Case Study: Direct Current (DC) Motors

    When a DC voltage is supplied to the coil it induces a current flow through the coil. The electric current and the magnetic field will therefore interact resulting to a force, which pushes the coil to move in its direction. Figure 2: Torque production in a DC motor (Hambley et al., 2008) In a real DC motor, there are many such coils wounded on the rotor, and they will all be pushed in the direction of the force causing their rotation. The current flowing in the coil is directly…

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