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  • Cold Tensions During The Cold War

    Cold Tensions After the second World War was over the United Sates and the Soviet Union had seen the differences between themselves and began to divide upon them. The most prominent difference is that of communism, with the US being a democratic capitalist state and the USSR being a dictated communist state. By February of 1948 the physical manifestation of the division, named the “Iron Curtain”, was completed thanks to a communist coup in Czechoslovakia. (Hightower 10/27) That physical division was first predicted when the USSR is found to have violated agreements set forth in the Yalta Conference by creating puppet governments.(Hightower 10/27) From here on different policies and agreements are set forth and are done as a chance to ease…

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  • The Cold War

    The Cold War is noted as the struggle between two of the world’s superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, who are both trying to expand their spheres of influence. The government provided large sums of money for the defense industry and the American public was constantly in fear of a nuclear attack launched by the Soviets. The conflict can be viewed as an ideological confrontation between the democratic United States and the communist Soviet Union resulting in a peaceful ending, or a…

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  • In Cold Blood

    In Cold Blood is a meticulously constructed collage of witnesses, victims, police, killers, and citizens and their experience with the Clutter Family and their murderers, Dick and Perry. Although the nonfiction novel centers around Dick and Perry, the story is told through interwoven accounts from dozens of people. Capote bounces between these sources like a director cuts to different angles, in the end editing together a continuous product that supports itself like brickwork. Like a director,…

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  • Cold War America

    itself, Totalitarian, Fascism, the causes of World War II, World War II, and the causes of the Cold War. Although many important topics were covered, the most important topic that was covered was the Cold War. The Cold War was the most important topic that had been covered in the first semester because it was waged due to communism. It is important to know why the Cold War was fought, and what were the causes of the Cold War. It was important because, during the Cold War, many nations were…

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  • Cold War Economy

    Discuss the extent to which the US economic power led to the end of the Cold War. American economic power promoted the end of the Cold War by weakening the Soviet Union. As the United States was a superpower they had colossal economic power usually demonstrated in the form of their powerful military. The reason that the Cold War was so notable is because of the fact that both America and the USSR were superpowers and had the economic ability to own and research nuclear weapons. Due to the fact…

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  • Marxism And The Cold War

    The Cold War was riddled with international politics and political conflict. Beginning in 1945, the Cold War lasted for approximately 45 years and ended around 1990. During this conflict there were two main contenders; the United States and the Soviet Union. Even though there was no direct campaign between the two contenders, “billions of dollars and millions of lives were lost…” ("The Cold War Erupts", (n.d.)). The Cold War focused largely around the balance of power, globalization, social…

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  • Cold War Origins

    The origins of the Cold War are basically the United Staes against the Soviet Union, capitalism verse communism. The United States and the Soviet Union have ideological differences, they believing in running the government different ways. America believes in a democracy basically a free market government. On the other hand, Russians believe in communism basically a dictatorship. George Kennan is most famously known for the “Long Telegram”, he lives in russia at the time and sends a telegram back…

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  • Cold War Intervention

    The intervention of western societies can be seen many time throughout history. This is just the case after the second world war. The idea of “saving” other peoples because they don 't have the same ideas is also something that can be seen many times throughout history. The Cold War is a prime example of both these statements. At a time where rebuild was a necessity and influence from other empires was great, the spread of democracy and communism was heavy. Empires like the US and the USSR were…

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  • Cold War Reductions

    reductions in the cold war occurred at the end of the major wars like descalation for the war in Vietnam before 1973, and decrease in military spending when dress from the cold war to the post-cold war (Sawhney, DiPietro and Anoruo 2007). These reductions were temporary after the 9/11 attacks. The United States military spending escalated, and the country was spending more on the military by 2008, even more than it did during the cold war. In addition, before Iraq invaded Kuwait, huge cuts in…

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  • Cold War Psychology

    Humans are not the only animal that wages war. Bees; ants; and one of humanity’s closest relatives, chimpanzees, all engage in coordinated attacks against a rival group, usually to gain territory or resources. The predisposition towards violent group-on-group conflict is ingrained into animal psychology. Although animal warfare lacks the deliberation and complex aims of human warfare, it suggests human warfare is a natural part of human psychology. Warfare seems to be inherently psychological…

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