Cold Tensions During The Cold War

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Cold Tensions

After the second World War was over the United Sates and the Soviet Union had seen the differences between themselves and began to divide upon them. The most prominent difference is that of communism, with the US being a democratic capitalist state and the USSR being a dictated communist state. By February of 1948 the physical manifestation of the division, named the “Iron Curtain”, was completed thanks to a communist coup in Czechoslovakia. (Hightower 10/27) That physical division was first predicted when the USSR is found to have violated agreements set forth in the Yalta Conference by creating puppet governments.(Hightower 10/27) From here on different policies and agreements are set forth and are done as a chance to ease
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One such containment strategy was the North Atlanta Trade Organization (NATO) which unified the countries of western Europe, Great Britain, and the US effective April 4, 1949.(Hightower 10/27 & Roark et. Al 697) This capitalist alliance was a way to cut off the effects of communism and also provide assistance from others if an attack were to occur. Through out the Cold War no battles were actually fought in the Soviet Union directly, instead the battles fought were “proxy wars”. These were wars where troops trained by either side were used as the military forces to carry out tasks in certain regions indirectly. As it was seen in Cuba, most famously with the “Bay of Pigs”, the United States had taken Cubans who were exiled for their disapproval of the Castro regime and trained them to invade Cuba, April 17, 1941.(Roark et. al. 770) Those that fought were trained by the CIA and used in place of US soldiers to combat the Soviet-aligned regime to keep the threat of a nuclear attack so close to the States from happening, but with the cost of furthering tensions. Many other battles were done for the sake of containment so that the USSR couldn't gain a foothold in the world outside of their boundaries and spread communism such as with North Korea, North Vietnam, and Cuba. The only major conflict where the American …show more content…
By this time both side signed the Intermediate-Range Missile Agreement in December 1987 agreeing to eliminate all short and medium ranged missiles and for sights to be expected regularly. (Roark et. al. 817) And, again in 1996 to allow for a further sigh of relief the US and USSR agreed to cut their stock of nuclear weapons by 30 percent by signing the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks.(Roark et. al. 827) However the biggest symbol of peace and freedom came with Gorbachev refusing to man the wall of East Germany and the wall being torn down by once again unified German people starting on November 9, 1981.(Roark et. al.

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