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  • Data Collection Method

    Data obtained from research and the manner in which it is gathered helps to validate and answer the clinical question being examined. Research data must be objective, void of any personal biases, beliefs, values, or attitudes and be gathered from the subjects in a systemic manner that is consistent and uniform (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2014). The various types of data collection methods used in research, their advantages, and their disadvantages will be discussed. Finally, I will describe a scenario where one type of data collection method would be useful and point out what hidden disasters may exist in this method. According to LoBiondo-Wood and Haber (2014), the data collection methods include, observational, self-report, physiological,…

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  • Material Objects

    from all over the world from many different times, all of which I keep in a small box in my dorm. I have a few favorite coins, that I keep in a separate box. The discussions and readings from class have caused me to think about what my collection actually means. “The act of collection [is] a gathering up of properties in arbitrary systems of value and meaning” (Clifford 1985). This calls into question the idea that lots of collections, like mine, sort the objects into categories based on how we…

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  • Archives Chapter 2 Summary

    audio and video. The important documents are to demonstrates by the way of people that seek to invent or to improve reading technology. Records are consider reports, order, request, plan, and also permit. All record are utilitarian by created the course of practical activities. All record are known as working files of working folks. It also has the individuals and the organizations create, receive and also keep the records. Personal Records, are consist of a working document such as birth…

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  • Glenbow Museum Analysis

    located the heart of Calgary’s downtown area. The museum is easily accessible and can be located amongst the other skyscrapers. It is built from the help and support of the non-profit organisation and its members. The museum showcases the history of the Alberta both pre and post-oil industry development. The museum was built by the visionary petroleum entrepreneur and lawyer Eric Lafferty Harvie in 1954. He was fond of collecting various historic and art objects with regards to the history of…

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  • Corporate Art Consultant Analysis

    Corporate art consultants are curators who create and administer art programs for private companies. In this way, the corporate art consultant follows the traditional definition of the curator as an individual who maintains art objects in a collection. However, as the contemporary role of the curator has shifted into the practice of exhibition making and the cultural influence that comes along with it, the ability of a corporate art consultant to provide clients with objectified cultural capital…

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  • Dogs Group Case Study

    In Lee’s article, Reconsidering Conflict in Exhibition Development Teams, the team structure was egoless. An egoless team structures “encourages a high level of interactivity and communication among project members” (Frame, chapter 3 pg. 91). There is no team leader, decisions are made by the team, and the project product reflexes inputs from all the team members. This is the ideal of an egoless team structure. In the case of Dogs Group, although the structure was egoless, certain members of the…

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  • Ethnographic Research Methodology

    hours of playground activity as well as 50 hours of classroom interaction. Lewis (2001) and Pollock (2004) did not conduct any video recordings, but they did conduct interviews. In Lewis’s (2001) study of race bending at the Columbus High School, she conducted informal interviews with youth and adult about race categorizations. Additionally, she used her personal journal from her first year teaching in 1994-1995 as a reference for examples of race talk. Lewis also described how when she…

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  • Mycenaean Collection Analysis

    After exploring the vast expanse of rooms and collections inside the British Museum, the Mycenaean Collection is the collection of artifacts that truly intrigues me. Located in Room 12 and 12b in the British Museum, the Mycenaean Collection provides an amazing insight into the Greek Bronze Age, The Heroic Age, and Greek Mythology legends, especially the epics written by Homer. The collection features many artifacts of red and black painted pottery, bronzes from the Geometric Period, bronze…

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  • Open Data Collection

    Open Data Collection The information being collected through social media platforms is not of concern to the users interviewed for this study. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, major or occupation almost all users were aware that their data was being used by social media outlets. In addition, by signing up for a social media platform the users were aware that their data is being collected, making it clear that their information will be protected and specific information will be public. C1…

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  • Forensic Evidence Collection

    This paper discusses the important role of the forensics nurse in relationship to evidence collection within the emergency room. This writers experience with forensic evidence collection and preservation is something that has been learned through informal on the job training. Through out this course on forensic nursing, this writer has become more aware of what evidence collection entails, what situations can result in evidence, and how to better recognize, assess and collect evidence. The…

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