Central Intelligence Agency

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  • Central Intelligence Agency Role

    The Central Intelligence Agency is a foreign intelligence agency who collects, analyzes, and examines information, mostly foreign and by way of Human Intelligence, to aid in protecting the nations national security. Let’s first being with how the Central Intelligence Agency became the agency they are today. Before the United States entered World War II, the Office of Coordination of Information, created in July of 1941, stood as the homelands non-departmental office for intelligence gathering during that time of peace. This changed once the U.S entered into World War II, in addition to an attack on the homeland, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Further, some could also say that the triumph of the British Commandos, also known as M16, during this…

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  • Central Intelligence Agency Analysis

    Soviet Union. America fears that the Soviets push to globalize communism is a direct attack on America and democracy; therefore, the U.S. utilizes their Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to coordinate covert operations in an effort contain the threat of world domination. Consequently, the conflict becomes known as the Cold War, and CIA Director, Harry Rositzke later describes the ordeal as, “a holy war against the infidels, a defense of free God-fearing mean against the atheistic Communist…

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  • What Is The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?

    The Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) mission is complimentary and in concordance with DHS in National Security. The CIA works with Homeland security to ensure there are no gaps in security, by coordinating and evaluating the intelligence gathered. They advise the National Security Council in matters related to National Security and make recommendations to the NSC of intelligence activities. The CIA responds to national intelligence request by DHS in addition to other standing orders they…

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  • Nationalization In China Essay

    major operators are China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, all providers of mobile and land phone lines. (Central Intelligence Agency). Like previously mentioned, these three companies are nationalized with the major owners of each being China. All TV and radio is monitored and approved by the government. The broadcast media is also a nationalized industry in China. Even foreign programs must be first approved by the Communist party. The Central Propaganda Department comes out with what…

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  • Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia Case Study

    Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, also known as Ethiopia, has a population of 102,374,044 people (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016). Oromo people make up 34.4 per cent of the population and Amhara people make up 27 per cent of the population (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016). Ethiopia is located in Eastern Africa, west of Somalia with a total area of 1,104,300 sq. km (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016). It has a Some of their natural resources include: gold, platinum. Copper, and…

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  • Clandestine And Espionage Operations Research Paper

    Clandestine and espionage operations have been used earlier than before the Roman Empire. Clandestine operations are covert or secret operations performed by our nation’s military and special agency groups. Espionage operations are a process by which information is obtained secretly from military or government entities. Romans used these same operations against Samnites and Gauls to expand and protect their empire. These particular subjects are not typically taught in schools nor are they…

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  • DIRNSA Directorate

    and the Central Security Service. (p.3) He further explained that the NSA’s Foreign Affairs Directorate works with any “foreign intelligence services, counterintelligence centers and the UK/USA and FIVE EYES exchanges.” (p.3) The Office of Export Control Policy is also included in same directorate. The Information Assurance Directorate (IA) is “the center of the NSA’s cyber warfare and defense program offices.” (p.3) The Signals Intelligence Directorate (SIGINT) is the most functional and…

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  • The Dulles Brothers

    The Dulles Brothers, John Foster and Allen Welsh Dulles were born into a power and influential family invited America’s highest political circle. The brothers served as diplomats and lawyers, having both attended Princeton University and George Washington Law School. Under the Eisenhower administration the brothers gained power within the United States with John Foster Dulles becoming the Secretary of State and Allen Dulles becoming the Director of Central Intelligence. John Foster and Allen…

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  • The Political And Economic Consequences Of The Cold War

    nation would be safe if bordered to the west by states loyal to Moscow ( the Soviet capital), he directed his foreign intelligence agency (later called the KGB) to rig elections…

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  • Cuban Missile Crisis Report

    Introduction: The aim of this report is to examine the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was a defining moment in intelligence history. With the Cold War ending in 1991, The Cuban Missile Crisis has been a central subject of debate amongst security scholars concerning the role of intelligence analysts and agencies in its sequence of events that almost resulted in nuclear war (Garthoff, 1998). This report will argue that the Crisis occurred due to inaccurate and biased intelligence and a lack of…

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