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    Product and Service Offered By HP. ____a new company imagined for the assignment? Explanation: My Product is HP Pavilion Laptop, Reliable to use with strong handling and ruff use is , Stylish Body with Metal keyboard and wide range of Screen, NVidia Graphics with Intel Centrino 2 Processor and Excellent WINDOW Vista – can be upgraded with Window 7 or 8, Price is a very good factor as you get his all in very reasonable price with guarantee and style that perfected by expert for your use also we have different types that can be purchase according by use of customers.. Who do you think is the target audience? (Remember you will need research to confirm this.): Target Audience for this topic is Specially College Students and Home / Office use for the professional non IT persons. Are similar or competitive products or services available? List or briefly describe a similar product or service: (If your idea has no precedent in the marketplace, consider another idea). The similar or Competitive product is Dell and Asser.. Dell: -…

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