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  • Target Markets And Catchment Area Analysis: An Analysis Of A Target Market

    Target Market and Catchment area analysis Target Market can be referred to the specific market segment by the product or service, which can divide into four criteria include of definable, meaning, sizable and reachable (Abrams, 2003). Concerning our event, which mainly is to promote the international cultural exchange to the public. In order to let younger generation, know this cultural and join our cultural carnival, we have chosen some different types of group and person as our target market, including family, students, and young people. The detail as the following. About the target market of family, which including children and parent. We would like to let them know a more international culture such as the unique culture of different countries…

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  • Jcpenney Target Market Analysis

    relevant to JCPenney because it will help invigorate the store with a younger demographic who is going to willingly shop at JCPenney because of the brands and low prices. This target market can be called the Up-and-Coming. Another potential target market for JCPenney is the household shopper aged 18-35, who is usually a woman, and watches the Ellen DeGeneres talk show. Through the Ellen DeGeneres talk show JCPenney will advertise it's new marketing strategies and products which will be…

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  • Lenhoo: Target Market Strategy And Segmentation Of The Pho

    2.1 Summary of Proposed Strategies Lenovo has to segment based on group ages and focus mainly on millennials , but in order for Lenovo to stimulate their interest with the product they need to modify some features in the phone for example the camera quality and pixel density . Targeting millennials will increase sales by a good percentage, as they will help market the product in various ways, whether by word of mouth or through their social media posts. In addition, Millennials use of the…

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  • Target Market Analysis: Googleear Is Always Hear !

    Our target market is everyone who owns computers, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and other devices, which can pair with our Bluetooth enabled devices, because we want everyone to have a unique and better lifestyle and make their life easier. Since Google has great brand awareness and sufficient budget, we decide to target all our segments with different offering to each. We use the differentiated targeting strategy because it helps us obtain a bigger share of the market and increase of the…

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  • Segmentation Criteria Of The Target Market

    Current segmentation criteria Discuss any segmentation criteria currently identified in the Marketing Plan for describing the target market/market segments. • Attitude: Consumer incentives on products or services. For example, consumers may be skeptical about the value of new forms of technology. Or they are considered to be the negative comments about a particular brand because of past experience. Attitude to means they are available in all the atmosphere or they may differ between different…

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  • Target Market Segmentation In The Hublot Fashion Watch

    Q3) For demographic segmentation, it is appropriate to apply the income variable to compare the likely target market segments between the two watches. A smartwatch will likely to attract customers earning an annual income of USD$20,000 - USD$1,000,000. Meanwhile, a luxury watch is expected to entice customers earning an annual income of USD$1,000,000 and more. According to, the most expensive smartwatch in the market belongs to LG’s G Watch R which costs around USD$400…

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  • Characteristics Of Target Market

     Identification of target customers and an analysis of their attributes. Use the information in the marketing plan and market profiles for other countries to assist you in documenting attributes. Identified target customers within the selected country will be: Identified target customers Customer attributes Segment 1 – young couples Very explorative, fun loving and prone to the western culture and languages Segment 2 – retired couples Very quiet, calm and don’t want to be disturbed with the…

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  • Total Market And Target Market Essay

    #1 Know Your Total Market and Target Market Tina Wells, an expert in marketing to various markets, founded BuzzMg, an media communication agency. She explained that importance to know both your total and target market. You cannot fool yourself into thinking that there is people out there that are just going to be into what you are doing. This will just lead to failure, be honest to yourself, and talk to people about what it is that you are planning. From that point, you have the ability to…

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  • Desigual Target Market

    It is inclusive of anyone who is willing to look as unique and daring as the brand is. The company’s mission is to “put one Desigual garment in every wardrobe of the world” (Mann, 2015). In the words of Marco Gadol, Wholesale Travel Retail Manager at Desigual, “We just want people to try Desigual once- and then hopefully they are hooked. We don’t target one specific race, age or class of people; we target a personality, which is the most traversal idea you can find- so our target market is very…

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  • Aldi Target Market

    in this report. According to a quote found on "Customer service is the act of taking care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer's requirements are met". Aldi on the Glen, Waterford and Spar in Ballybeg, Waterford will both be examined detailing a brief back-round, the positioning of the company within the market place, their competitiveness, its target market and how they…

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