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  • Arwad Island Case Study Essay

    5.3. Ventilation: No matter the courtyard is small or big in these two buildings, the ventilation still has very small values, due to the closing massive walls towards the outside and opening towards the inside in the origin design, and the semi-closed windows later during the operation. Both buildings need an increase of ventilation ranging between 0.06-0.1 m/s comparing with 0.15 m/s of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard for occupant comfort (ANSI/ASHRAE 1992), taking into account the consideration of conservation collections. In the case of using passive ventilation to secure moving ventilation in hot months from the internal courtyards by using the natural and variable-speed wind can help to maintain comfortable conditions inside the buildings in summer, which help to endure the annoying moist heat, in order to avoid the weaknesses of closing to the outside. Natural ventilation occurs because of pressure differences acting on inlets and outlets of space. This difference can be created by the wind or by a thermal chimney (stack ventilation). The pressure difference caused by winds can be steady (as in cross ventilation) or unsteady (as in turbulent ventilation). The windows located opposite to each other are useful for cross ventilation when one window should be on the windward wall (Mathur and Chand 2003), so R1 and R2 of the citadel have provision for natural cross ventilation in case of redesigning or opening them up to provide maximum airflow inside the spaces, and R3 is not taking…

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  • Climate In Arwad Island And Outdoor Weather And Skilled Environment

    3. An overview of the site and case studies: 3.1. Climate in Arwad Island and Outdoor weather during the period of measurement: The general climate of Arwad island is Mediterranean moderate climate all year round, latitude 34.53North and longitude 35.53East, which is characterized by the four seasons, humid environment, rainy winter weather and the prevailing wind is south and southwestern (Amer and Abou Hamed 2011). The average value of the diurnal highest temperature in Tartous is in summer in…

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  • The Role Of Chaos In The Odyssey

    Thousands of years ago, there was nothing but a primordial God named Chaos which means "the gap" in Greek. He first made the earth and sky. Then he made the sea and a pit of darkness named Tartus. Also he used his powers to make Gaea, the goddess of the earth and another primordial goddess. After years of begging Chaos for a mate, he accepted it out of annoyance or boredom. So, he made Uranus, the god of the sky and Heaven. Together, they had three sets of children: the elder cyclops, the…

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  • Reflective Essay On 'The Long Nap'

    floating around the room, taking account of the present faces. “Oh my god,” she muttered. “Where’s Doctor Tartus?” We hurriedly made our way back into the dormancy chamber. The room was vacated, each sleeper pod locked in place to their respective spots on the wall. “ELIE, reexamine life support systems,” Terra said, gazing up the fluorescent lights flooding the room in a bright white glow. “All life support systems functional, Doctor Valens,” replied the autonomous voice. “That can’t be right,”…

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  • Essay On Russian Power

    different. Brazil and Russia have joined together to work on projects dealing with cybersecurity as well as with space technology (paragraph 21 lines 4-5). In South East Asia, Russia is emerging as a military goods supplier to Myanmar and Vietnam. 3. What do experts believe are Russia’s motives for supporting the Assad regime in Syria? In recent times, Russia has been assuming a more active role in Middle Eastern conflict zones (paragraph 36 Lines 1-2). According to Armenian scholar…

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  • Roman Gods Vs Greek Mythology

    It all started with Chaos, the origin of everything. Erebus (the personification of darkness) submerged out of chaos, followed by love and light. When Gaea (mother nature, as well as earth) submerged she gave birth to Uranus (the sky), who eventually, fell in love with Gaea. They had their first two children. Uranus hated his first children, the three Hecatoncheires, and Three Cyclopes. Uranus was terrified of them, imprisoned them on earth all by their lonesome. This infuriated Gaea, and she…

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  • Similarities Between Ancient And Ancient Egyptian Religion

    would then be taken to the river of Styx. There the dead would have to pay the ferryman, Charon, with a coin that would have been placed in their physical body’s mouth before being buried. The coin was not seen as payment to cross the river. Rather, it represents one’s relationship with the Gods, and shows acknowledgment to one’s debt to the Gods for their protection and guidance. Once across the river, one will be met and judged by Minos, Aenaeus, and Rhadymanthas. Here one would recount…

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  • Case Study: Understanding Syria

    because of intervening regional and world powers. Russia, in a sense, is in opposition to the U.S. The proxy status of the war has actually been to the detriment of Syria, as military, financial and political support have intensified the conflict, rather than resolved it. In layman’s terms, there are a few different reasons to why Russia so adamantly supports Bashar al-Assad, but they basically revolve around creating a stronghold in the Middle East. Russia’s naval base is in Syria, Russia…

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  • Troy's Achilles: Fated To Die In Troy

    Hestia, Poseidon, Zeus Zeus gave her a son and daughter Would not allow anything on Earth to grow until she had her daughter back “Good Goddess” “Divine Mother of Sorrows” Sacrificial piglets were cleansed and purified then thrown into large pits to sacrifice as gifts for her Echo A wood nymph Loved her own voice Hera took her voice away when she was distracting Zeus from her Could only repeat the voice of another Loved Narcissus Was rejected by Narcissus Eros/Cupid Son of Aphrodite Husband of…

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