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  • How Did World War 1 Change Eastern Europe

    From 1750 CE until the present day (2015), Eastern Europe underwent numerous changes and few continuities. Some of the changes: the mini-ice age, rise of communism, spread of the potato, decline of serfdom, an ideological desire for militarism, nationalism, alliances, and imperialism, and new weapons/warfare create new avenues for political, economic, social, and intellectual reform. While the reliance on agriculture and ever-lasting ethnic conflict remained largely consistent throughout the time-zone. Of all the changes that occurred in Eastern Europe during the time-period already specified, the most influential change is the ideological desire for militarism, nationalism, alliances, and imperialism. Although leaders were and will continue to be be power hungry, selfish individuals, these ideological desires curate many wars and…

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  • Human Trafficking In Eastern Europe

    Human trafficking of juveniles in Europe Human Trafficking has been a discreet worldwide issue where most have not taken a resolve. Most of the cases of Human Trafficking are about sexual exploitation due to prostitution and labor concerns. I don’t know much about the details of this problem and what goes on or how bad it is, but I have heard of it. I guess I always thought of it as an isolated thing because it wasn’t in the news all the time, but perhaps it is worse than that? I…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Marshall Plan

    Following the World War II, the nations of Europe, whether they won or lost, were devastated and exhausted socially and economically. In addition, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the world’s top superpowers in contention with each other to prove whose ideology was superior. The fight between capitalism and communism escalated immediately following the war and each nation did all that they could do to gain the upper hand. On June 5, 1947, George Marshall gave a speech at the…

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  • Role Of Violence In Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands: The Second World War

    During the twentieth century, Europe was the stage of an exceptional amount of violence, experiencing numerous wars. In the course of these wars and interwar periods, millions died both in battle and as a result of governmental policies. Notably, the years leading up to World War Two and the several years following the Second World War, saw a great amount of violence in Eastern Europe. While a globally dominant Western perspective usually sets Western Europe as the stage for the atrocities which…

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  • Human Trafficking In Ukraine

    What we tend to oversee however is that there 's no such thing as an only negative form of government. In fact, for millions of people communism was, not a good thing, but rather an okay thing. It allowed the people, of Eastern Europe in specific, to not prosper but rather to get by. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in late 1991 came the onslaught of a massive problem that is still getting worse to this day: human trafficking. Although it is hard to see at first, the collapse of the…

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  • The Role Of Radio Propaganda During The Cold War

    Radio Free Europe first started out as an experiment. The Truman administration did not plan for the National Committee for Free Europe in 1948 to have its main objective as radio broadcasting, but it then came to their attention that they needed to combat Soviet Union’s radio broadcast with one of their own. Radio Free Europe’s basic objective included: news, information, sports, music, religion, culture and entertainment, concentrating on subjects important to people in their homeland,…

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  • The Roaring Twenties: Schenck V. United States

    Eugene V. Debs, a well-known socialist and head of the American Railway Union, was imprisoned for anti-war speech. Meanwhile, the fear of subversive violence strengthened already present xenophobic sentiments in the nation, specifically towards Eastern and Southern European immigrants, many of whom hailed from agrarian dictatorships. The influx of Eastern and Southern European immigration that arrived between 1880 and 1914 came under the suspicion of being communists, an assumption made in many…

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  • NATO Essay

    wanted Europe to become economically strong, rearmed, and integrated in order to prevent communist expansion into the Western European states. The relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union was quickly fading in 1948 as there were disagreements over the postwar status of Germany. The United States and Soviet Union each organized a part of Germany with the United States in the west and the Soviet Union in the east. In 1948, Secretary of State of the United States George…

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  • How Did The Western Culture Affect The Union Between East And West

    thousands of years ago with the rise of the Greek city-state, influenced by Middle Eastern culture. EAST East (Latin orens, oriri participle: appear birth) is the name of the direction from which the sun (and other stars) minted in antiquity, namely the East rises. By extension, it refers to those regions that are east of the benchmark. In the "Western" culture he was given this name to Asia. Middle East, Middle East and Far East: Conventionally are three parts. HISTORY AS HISTORY AND ECONOMY…

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  • Gender Roles In War Effort

    in anti-Semitism on the homefront in the second half of the war. It had become increasingly respectable to connect food profiteering and ‘Jewishness’,” (Hagemann, pg. 130)This included protecting the ethnic cleanliness in Germany and surrounding areas. Controlling the wild “uncivilized world” of Eastern Europe was a prime motivation of war. In going to war Germany implemented an economy of exploitation. This means a majority of their workforce was foreign and domestic slave labor. With this…

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