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  • Easy Bake Oven Advertisement Analysis

    The Easy Bake Ultimate Oven 2015 commercial is targeting young girls as their main audience. The commercial is only fifteen seconds long, and it starts with five adolescents white girls dressed in all pink pointing at a miniature toy that looks like a purple oven. The commercial has the five girls smiling and dancing to a song the entire time while they’re using the Easy Bake Oven to cook snacks for themselves and their friends. The purple oven could be considered to have feminine design since it had squiggles and a flowery circle on the corner, and even the giant spoon that comes along with it was a light purple color. The advertisement contributes to the cultural construction of gender since it’s targeting girls at a young age, and it’s…

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  • Gender Toys Analysis

    And its shows. Marketing toys like dresses and shoes stresses the importance of appearance. It’s not just dresses, it includes a greatly deal of accessories: sunglasses, an assortment of jewelry, hairbrushes, flats, etc. Pink and purple dominate the color scheme, however there are greens, light blues and yellow. To continue on with the matter of appearance, dolls have this problem as well. Dolls also comes with accessories. Barbie has listened to their customers and made changes to their dolls.…

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  • Gender Labels Affecting Children's Interest In Toys

    socializing agents such as parents, family members, peers as well as stores and corporations who often advertise items in a gender specific way. These labels significantly affect children 's interest in toys such that toys that are labeled as “appropriate” for one 's gender will be incorporated into one 's own-gender schema, which leads to greater interest.” (Weisgram, Fulcher, Dinella, 401-402) Children are so used to being told what is wrong and what is right so when they see a commercial for…

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  • Zucchini Bread Research Paper

    a nutritious dessert that is not only easy to make but also appealing to all ages. With a few ingredients that one might already have in their kitchen, and an easy to follow recipe, this dessert can be easily achieved and enjoyed. How to make zucchini bread is a simple process that creates a nourishing dessert fit for any occasion. In order to begin cooking or baking any new dish, there are some preliminary steps to guarantee success. Like all the preparations for food, begin with gathering all…

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  • Lasagna And Shepherd's Pie Essay

    more firm and less gushy and raw, remove the pan from the heated burner. Allow the meat to cool for a couple of minutes and then drain the grease from the pan. Make sure to not drain the grease into your sink because becomes a solid once it’s cooled. Dump the hamburger into the casserole dish to create your third layer. To create your next layer of the Lasagna, add a layer of ricotta cheese and smooth it out evenly. After adding the cheese, add another layer of noodles to secure the layers. I…

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  • The Bread Basket

    The Bread Basket 1.The art work that I chose is titled “The Bread Basket” By Salvador Dali,1945 2.The dimensions of this art work are 13cm by 17cm and 3’ by 4’. The medium used on this piece is oil on panel on the woods of the basket. (30 words) 3.The subject matter of this art work is very simple yet meaningful. The painting depicts a heel of a loaf bread in a basket, sitting near the edge of a tab le on a white table cloth. Inside the basket there is a towel and there are two kinds of…

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  • Bread Vs Wheat Bread Research

    Topic: Which bread mold grows the fastest White Bread vs Whole Wheat? Method: 1. Place a piece of bread into a zip lock bag, and put a teaspoon full of water over each piece. Make sure that each piece of bread are equally damp by spreading the water evenly. 2. Place each zip lock bag in a warm, dark environment where they won’t be disturbed and keep some distance between the samples. Don’t let the zip lock bags touch. 3. Make sure to take evidence everyday such as a photo or written down…

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  • A Watched Pot Never Boils Analysis

    The repair stopped all my physical activity and in that course of recovery I realized a new interest. I wanted recovery overnight, so I listened to my physical therapist along with reading and researching the best way to recover as soon as possible. I learned how my knee would hopefully accept the cadaver and what foods can facilitate healing from inside the body. So, diet and nutrition became a focus toward my perfect recovery. With endless time on my hands, plus a newfound attention to…

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  • Internet Of Things Strategic Analysis

    Strategic Analysis of the Internet of Things- Smart Oven Introduction This report is going to use some examples to illustrate “ what is the Internet of Things”. Then it will focus on one particular product, smart oven, and analyzes its main factors and competitors. At last, the report will discuss whether this product will create a Blue Ocean strategy or still compete in the Red Ocean. Internet of Things Internet of Things (IoT) can be explained as “physical objects are connected to the…

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  • Research Paper On Vanesa

    biggest reason that drove her to decide to stay in New Zealand is the sense of peace she feels here, that she never did back home. Yet, it wasn’t always easy. Vanesa tells us that the language barrier was a tremendous obstacle for her. She came to New Zealand without much knowledge of the spoken English language and was very scared of speaking or even being spoken to. For a long time, she couldn’t even go to a shop by herself, for fear of someone asking her questions that she wouldn’t be able…

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