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  • Non-Financial Performance Analysis Of Airline

    to the service of easyJet. The important goal is to make traveling easy and affordable through customer satisfaction and safety. On-time performance i.e. arrival within 15 minutes of the scheduled time attracted the customer is one among the many service provided. But when compared to 2014 this has gone down by 5% in 2015 due to external events outside the control of easyJet, this…

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  • Creative Writing: Goodbye Colorless Town

    Goodbye, Colorless Town People thought it was funny, the curiosity that drove me into anxiousness for my first plane ride. “Being on a plane is no fun, you know,” everyone complained. But I was experiencing something for the first time, something people rarely have a chance to do. My stomach did that thing where it churns, and makes your throat burn with impatience, as soon as I approached security. The inquisitiveness which sparked my excitement masked the subtle panicking that slightly…

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  • Easyjet Swot Analysis

    EasyJet Network (detailed data shown in the appendix 2) The business is boasted over 200 aircraft, over 600 routes, operating from over 130 airports, over 30 countries and 23 bases. There are 55 million passengers and oversea the safe arrival of over 1200 daily departures annually through EasyJet. Making travel easy and affordable for their customers is EasyJet's passionate. Customer experience is at the heart of everything EasyJet do, every customer is committed to making the travel experience…

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  • Easyjet Case Study

    EasyJet - Stelios Haji-Ioannou, son of a Greek shipping tycoon, launched EasyJet in 1995 with just £5 million, beginning with a headline-grabbing fare of £29 from Luton to Glasgow (the fare is still about the same today). Stelios got the idea for EasyJet from Southwest Airlines in the US, which prospered by introducing a no-frills, low-price service on short haul routes. EasyJet was floated on the London Stock Exchange on 5 November 2000.It is the largest airline of the United Kingdom, by…

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  • Easyjet Case Study

    "…it is much safer to be feared than loved, when, of the two, either must be dispensed with." Above all, it is crucial that every organization and manager learns from lessons of the past, so that the future can be better prepared for. Only by measuring and evaluating all aspects of organization or managerial performance, can actual success or failure be judged, and relatively quantified. This is the key to effective long term resource utilization, indicating where improvements must be made.…

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  • Benefits And Limits Of Financial Ratio Analysis In Financial Analysis

    level, outstanding liquidity position, or better earnings ratios. The only prevailing benchmark is that companies must earn positive figures and that asset is enough to pay creditors. EasyJet Plc In order to make a visual representation of the discussed uses and limitations of the ratio analysis, we have chose EasyJet Plc as the subject company. We have selected few important financial ratio reported in the Financials section of Morning Star.com and from EasyJet’s 2013 Annual Report for the…

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  • Carolyn Mcall Leadership Analysis

    Carolyn Mcall has been the Chief Executive Officer of the airline company EasyJet since July 1, 2010. Mother of three, Carolyn Mcall is one of the few women having attained an executive position in a big company. Throughout this paper, we will discuss what traits made Mcall an effective leader, how she has influenced her followers to accomplish a common goal, and finally how the context has played a role on her leadership style. Through the theory we will manage to find the relevant leadership…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Ryanair

    trips and their purpose of trip is just to reach their chosen destination e.g. family visitor or a student. Therefore, they are not very concerned about ‘frills’. Company’s CEO, Michael O’Leary (2009) describes the brand identity as follows: You’re not getting free food. We don’t want your check-in bags. We’re not going to put you up in hotels because your grannyy died… It’s a commodity. Ryanair’s CEO believes that it is only the price, safety and punctuality of airline that budget travelers…

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  • British Airways Swot Analysis

    this will have a negative effect on aviation’s demand meaning that British Airways might have to reduce the fees amount of tickets prices. As so, British Airways has to control the economy’s breakdowns with back-up measures in order to keep the business on the market. 3. British Airways is required to respond to competitors’ fares in order to maintain the passenger traffic in safe numbers for positive profit. On one hand, with the appearance of low-cost airline companies, like EasyJet and…

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  • Ryanair Case Analysis Essay

    For example, EasyJet Air Berlin and Germanwings British Airways, Luthfhansa, Air France, Monarch Airlines and Titans Airways. Low-cost carriers had force the big airlines to figure out a way to draw the most price-sensitive fliers in any given market those who hunt for the cheapest tickets possible. Those customers make up a significant portion of travellers, meaning the major air carrier company cannot just ignore them. The airlines will compete with each other in terms of fares, time and the…

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