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  • Zaglossus Bruijni Essay

    Zaglossus bruijni is the Latin name for the Western Long-beaked Echidna (IUCN, 2016). In 1982 the species became Vulnerable up until 1994 where it then increased to endangered, the most up to date assessment on the Western Long- Beaked Echidna in 2008 and classes it as Critically Endangered (IUCN,2016). This species is found in the Vogelkop Peninsula of Papua Province, Indonesia. It had been thought to have been Australia at one point due to the aboriginal artwork located on Arnhem Land as well as Pleistocene fossil remains. However, is now considered to be extinct (Helegen & Flannery, 2016). The diet of the Zaglossus bruijni consists mainly of earthworms, however, insect larvae and ants, they use the spikes on their tongue to grip onto the earthworm (Flannery, 2002). The Zaglossus bruijni is protected in Papua New Guinea.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Platypus And Echidna

    elimination of wastes. The female shave no teets but provide milk directly through the skin to their young.”( The platypus and the echidna are the only monotremes known in the world. While they are both monotremes, they are both different in many ways. The platypus and the echidna are different by their physical characteristics, their lifestyles, and by their habitats. A platypus and an echidna both have very different physical characteristics. While most people know what a…

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  • Eastern Long-Beaked Echidna

    Eastern Long-Beaked Echidna There are approximately 41,415 species on the endangered species list..This is a growing problem in our world because if changes can not be made to resolve the issue in a timely manner these animals will no longer be endangered, they will be extinct. The Eastern Long-Beaked Echidna is on that list. The longest recorded life of an Eastern Long-Beaked Echidna is from a London Zoo who recorded an amazing 30 years. This is double of what we can reasonably expect in the…

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  • The Hydr The Ancient Greek Myth

    Typhon try to rule of the cosmos by defeating Zeus. According to ( “Typhon challenged Zeus for rule of the cosmos. Typhon really wanted to take over the cosmos he even started a war over it. Some of the monster that Typhon and Echidna also had other than the Hydra where Nemean Lion, Orthos, Cerberus, Chimaira. According to ( His family is Orthos, a two-headed dog, Cerberus, a three-headed dog, Lernaean Hydra, a chthonic, serpent-like creature with numerous heads…

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  • Creative Writing: Buninybah

    On the water's edge, outcrops of hexagonal columnar-jointed basalt named the 'Giant's Causeway', which kind of looks like an echidna, a rocky one. I guess you could say this is my church. I come here to heal my wounds from…

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  • Essay On Ancient Greek Goddesses

    for him to eat. She was successful in her plan and Cronus ate the rock and had no idea it wasn’t the baby. Rhea then snuck baby Zeus to the island of Crete to be raised by Nymphs. Zeus stayed with the Nymphs on Crete till he was old enough to take on his father. Zeus saves his brothers and sisters from Cronus by getting him to throw them up. Once the Gods are released from Cronus they are all upset because they have been trapped inside of him. So Zeus and his brothers and sisters all fought…

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  • Narrative Essay: The 5 Kids Were Getting Up

    child (which was the best fighter in the village)they could have twenty jugs of water for free!So Luke did it he got about 4 bruises but he won the other kid had a nose bleed!Luke victoriously walked away. Now they would go to every medic in all the villages.after they went to all the doctors they could find the last doctor told them they should go to the palace there they could find the best doctor in the villages. “But first you kids will have to defeat the Echidna to get past to the castle I…

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  • The Daintree Rainforest

    The Daintree is one of the only habitats for the endangered Southern Cassowary. There are a lot of cassowaries in the Daintree. the Echidna has a wide distribution of its kind, including the tropical rainforest. the Echidna has strong, sharp spines over the body, and strong, short legs with long claws for digging, and a long sticky tongue for feeding. It feeds on ants, TERMITES and beetle larvae from the soil. Beetles are very important in the rainforest for decomposition.There are a large…

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  • The Jersey Devil: A Brief Analysis Of Greek Mythology

    The guardian of the underworld, Cerberus is the three headed guard beast to the underworld, for all eternity he has kept the dead who passed the River Styx from escaping. Cerberus was the product of the the fearsome monster who stole Zeus’s reign, Typhon, and the mother of monsters, Echidna. His body layout was not entirely just a dog he also had the claws of a lion and the tail of a serpent. Often appearing myths Cerberus was known to be unmatched by any power that came to the underworld and…

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  • Argus Panoptes Research Paper

    Argus Panoptes, also called Argos, was known as a living legend for having many eyes. He was the son of Arestor who gave him the nickname Panoptes which its literal meaning is “the all-seeing one”. With his multiple eyes he could see everything around him. Because of his keen eyesight and power, Argus was recognized as a mythological guard creature. Argus was extremely dominant, to the point where he killed the big bull that raged through Arkadia. He was a servant of Hera, and one of many tasks…

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