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  • Moon Dogs Research Paper

    Paragraph 2: What are sun and moon dogs? A moon dog is a relatively rare bright circular spot on a lunar halo caused by the refraction of moonlight. A sundog is also known as mock suns or “parhelia”, are a pair of brightly colored spots, one on either side of the sun. Sun dogs form as sunlight is refracted by hexagonal- plate like ice crystals with diameters larger than 30 micrometer and their flat faces horizontally oriented. By day, with the sun, one of these phenomena (fa-nom-a-nin) is called a parhelion, or sun dog. By night, it is called a paraselene (para-se-lenie) or moon dog. You will be able to see a moon dog when you see high, thin, cirrus (ci-rr-us) clouds near the moon. While some people may think of golden retrievers or dachshund (dack-shund) sitting in a lawn chair and basking in the sun, a real sun dog has nothing to do with a dog. But they sure have a lot to do with the sun, by the way, sun dogs, are often referred to by their latin name: parhelion (or parhelia, when referring to more than one parhelion). Paragraph 3: What do sun and moon dogs do?They are bright spots on either side of the sun when the sun is low on the horizon. They appear when the ice crystals form in the upper atmosphere. The ice crystals bend the sunlight and cause a reflected image of the sun. The scientific name for sundogs is solar parhelia. A moon dog is a relatively rare bright circular spot. The moon forms halos just like the sun. Its equivalent of sundogs are called paraselene(…

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  • Eight Phases Of Moon

    We all experience day and night and every night when the sun goes down, we have a different form of light. The moon orbits the Earth, like the Earth orbits the sun. The moon we see only orbits around Earth. As the moon orbits our planet, we see that the shape of the moon changes throughout each month. This is because the amount of light that the sun that illuminates the moon changes monthly. These are called the phases of the moon. The phases of the moon are the changes in amount of moon…

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  • The Moon: The Story Of The Moon

    The Moon has not always sat in the sky watching over the Earth and all its inhabitants. No. In fact the Moon used to wander the earth just like any creature or human does now - as did the Sun. This is the story of what she did before she sat up in the sky. This is the story of the Moon and her only friend. The Sun was loved by all. His heart was warm and his smile was bright. His hands were strong hands that as they touched the earth could make bright green plants sprout from even the driest…

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  • Call To Your Tribe Analysis

    Call to Your Tribe For most of my life I have always felt a little out of place, like I am walking around in a humans body, but that’s not who I really am.I am often the guardian of the lost and protector of the week. While this road I am on is not the always the easiest,I understand now that this is the contract I took on when I came to this life. As much as I have tried to fight it, it’s who I am. This road that I have chosen is one that can be quit lonely and this is the part I have…

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  • All Summer In A Day Ray Bradbury

    “Sorry doesn’t fix everything” “All summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury, is a fictional story about a girl named Margot, who struggles with bullying because she is different from everyone else. Her being from Earth, meanwhile everyone else has been from Venus their entire lives. Throughout the story, it shows Margot as a lonely girl that feels different from everyone else. Margot, being from Earth, knows that the sun is real, huge dandelion in the sky. Whilst nobody else has ever seen the sun, but…

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  • Symbolism In Ray Bradbury's 'All Summer In A Day'

    “The Sun is alone too but it still shines” by an anonymous author. This quote shows us that just because you are alone doesn't mean you can stop being yourself. In “All Summer In A Day”, by Ray Bradbury, the main character Margot discovers how hard it is to fit in. As Margot tries to fit in and explain the sun to her new classmates, she finds herself alone because none of the kids believe her stories about the sun. Some students then find out that she may be returning to Earth, away from the…

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  • Definition Essay-What Is Beauty?

    What is beauty? According to Lexi Herrick, ‘’Beauty is happiness”(Herrick). People experience Beauty in many ways, some see it in new places, animals, the planets, and at times even themselves. The sun, moon, the heart, paris, and horses all have their own beauty, all in their own ways. The sun is one of the largest and most beautiful stars, but it is not the largest (sun facts). Our sun is classified as a dwarf star, and the biggest star is called Red Giants(sun facts) although the sun is not…

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  • Apollo 11: The Man On The Moon

    The moon is the brightest object in the night sky. On some nights, the moon looks like a shining circle of light. On others, it looks like a thin, silver fingernail. The moon does not make its own light. The light we see comes from the sun and bounces off the moon. If the moon and Earth were side by side, the moon would look like a tennis ball next to a basketball. It looks bigger than the stars and as large as the sun because it is closer to Earth than any other natural object in space. But…

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  • Penumbra And Solar Eclipses

    When the shadow of one celestial body, the Moon or another planet in our solar system for example, moves in front of another’s shadow an eclipse takes place. There are several types of eclipses, which all depend on the shadow that is involved. There are three different types of shadows, the umbra, penumbra, and antumbra. Each type of shadow varies by its darkness and position within the full shadow. The umbra is the dark center, the antumbra is the light center, and the penumbra is the light…

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  • Moon Inquiry Essay Questions

    Moon Inquiry Reflection I have a fairly clear understanding of the lunar phases and orbit. I know that, as the moon travels around the Earth, it is illuminated by the sun at different angles. The different angles of illumination are what cause the eight phases that we observe from Earth. I also know that the moon takes about thirty days to rotate the Earth and the rising and falling of the moon on the horizon follows a pattern. The moon activities impacted my learning in that I was more…

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