Ecological economics

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  • Sustainable Development And Environmental Protection

    sustain development needs. It can be summarized as the improvement of economic, ecological, and social factors. Sustainable development and environmental protection work hand in hand but are not the same. Environmental protection is an important aspect of sustainable development as it plays a major role in protecting the finite resources that are available to humanity. The core idea of sustainable development is growth; the ability to continue to grow without destroying or squandering the resources available. It is the delicate balance between progress and preservation as the idea is…

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  • Early Childhood Education: A Critical Analysis

    responsibility to decide where to situate herself or himself in this complex and diverse range of possibilities” (Moss, 2010, p. 15). Within education there are diverse disciplines, theories and practices, and like Moss, I believe its imperative for educators to have knowledge and an understanding of these before they are able to make informed decisions on where they position themselves within early childhood teaching, learning and development. This assignment intends to demonstrate the position…

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  • Negatives Between Sustainability And Tourism

    Sustainability and tourism are two different terms but are inter-related. Sustainability and tourism should go hand in hand in order to maintain the ecological balance on the earth thus making the planet safer from any kind of harm occurring due to any tourist activities. Sustainability refers to the ability of sustaining the environment by not being harmful to environment and its resources. On the other hand, tourism comprises all the activities of an individual or a group of individuals while…

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  • Human Resource Management: Ecological Sustainability

    of items can be maintained at a certain rate or level for the long term; the ingredients of this formulation and its applications, however, vary widely, as do their disciplinary roots and practical implications. In the context of natural resources, sustainability can be defined as the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. Murray Rutherford (2009) views resource management as decision making about how…

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  • Three Pillars Of Sustainability

    practices are related with three pillars, where together conform the sustainability. These three pillars are environmental (planet), social (human), and economic (profit). In addition, sustainability explores and develop alternatives that should be used conservatively and judiciously with a view to long-term priorities. Figure 4: The Three Pillars of Sustainability Each one of these facets of the sustainability fulfils specific functions for example: 4.1. Environmental sustainability…

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  • Bill Mckibben's Deep Economy

    The environmentalist Bill McKibben in his book “Deep Economy” he addresses some of the major issues we have as a society and mentions some of the ways we could reach a more sustainable nation. According to him we suffer from three major crisis. The first problem, he thinks we need to deal with is politics, now days we are focusing more in the economy and forgetting about the impact it is creating in our natural environment. The second problem is growth, which refers to the idea that we have…

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  • Cgc 1d1 Culminating Performance Task

    CGC 1D1: Culminating Performance Task - Create Your Own City Evangeline When creating a city, there are two things to consider; liveability and sustainability. Liveability is the characteristics of a community that contribute to the quality of life of its population. Sustainability is the quality of human life that’s possible whilst also living within the carrying capacity (how far the ecosystem can support a population before being damaged) of the environment. Balancing liveability with…

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  • Paradox Between Economic Growth And Sustainability

    promoting of the most effective use of resources, the protection of the environment and ecosystems and the development of a more equitable world society. As sustainability includes different issues, is often difficult to define precise terms of it. Considering the Venn diagram, sustainability can be described as the intersection of three main issues as environmental, economic and social issues. Sustainability Venn diagram Depending on the…

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  • Explain What Sustainability Means To You.

    1. Explain what sustainability means to you. Sustainability looks outside typical business strategies to employ holistic solutions that address the impact of decisions on available resources, social equity and the natural environment. The practice of sustainability is an opportunity to facilitate responsible development on a global scale. 2. Describe your current career. I am employed in Water Resources Business Development for the City of Mesa. My profession places me in a leadership position…

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  • Similarities Between Sustainability In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    pillars, social, economic, and environmental sustainability must all work together to thrive. Without these three pillars working together, nothing can live out to its full potential. The idea of maintaining this sustainability appears in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. In this story, the protagonist, George dreams of living on a subsistence farm with companion. Throughout the novel, many people join in on the dream, making it more realistic. The dream eventually dies with Curley’s wife as…

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