Ecological niche

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  • Essay On Krebs Ecology

    The evidence that corroborates competition is that the percentages were 57% and 58% which dictates that competition can explain cohabitation. Furthermore the competitive exclusion hypothesis states that no two species can occupy the same niche and coexist. In figure one, we can see that PcMix was starting to diminish because it cannot inhabit the same niche and would have continued to decrease until extinction. The niche structured is made up of resource continuum which leads to resource partitioning. Resource continuum is when the Pa and Pc utilized the same food source leading to resource partitioning. To avoid competing, the Pa and Pc portioned the resources as to avoid extinction. Moreover, one similar experiment done was by Gause which derived the competitive exclusion hypothesis. The main differences between our experiment and his are we did not have a lag phase because we did not sample every day, instead we started in exponential. He managed to get similar numbers when beginning the experiment and we started with a random number. In conclusion, in his results…

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  • Ecological Niche Case Study

    Bio 2.3 Ecological niche Three species that I studied 1.)Dolphin 2.)Great White Shark 3.)Emperor Penguin Animals need gas exchange for one main reason and that is to survive , all organisms need this gas exchange process to burn glucose for fuel which is a simple but important energy source that is a component of many carbohydrates. The respiratory system is where there is a series of organs taking in oxygen and getting rid of carbon…

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  • 1. What Are Darwin's Four Premises Of Evolution By Natural Selection?

    survivorship; which death known is known to be greatest among the young. But in our ecosystem; type I survivorship are known to be typically exhibited by humans and elephants. But type III survivorship is known to be typically exhibited by many fish species. However, type II survivorship is known to be relatively rare in nature (For example, only a few species of lizards are known to be exhibited in this type of survivorship). 8. What is an ecological niche? In all ecosystems, an ecological…

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  • Collaborative Multimodal Treatment Study

    type of ADHD. The researchers argued that it was necessary to only include combined type 2 due to the severity of this type would be the most effective on demonstrating the impact of the treatments (Arnold et al., 1997, p.867). Thus, the study would only be representative for mostly boys who were aged from 7 to 9 years old. Subsequently, the participants were randomly assigned into four different treatment groups: medication only (MM), behavioral therapy only (BT), the combination of two, and…

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  • Cgc 1d1 Culminating Performance Task

    CGC 1D1: Culminating Performance Task - Create Your Own City Evangeline When creating a city, there are two things to consider; liveability and sustainability. Liveability is the characteristics of a community that contribute to the quality of life of its population. Sustainability is the quality of human life that’s possible whilst also living within the carrying capacity (how far the ecosystem can support a population before being damaged) of the environment. Balancing liveability with…

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  • The Hard Core Of The Neoclassical Economic Theory

    The hard-core of neoclassical economic theory has been criticized, it constructed a protective belt that helped adjusts the main ideas. The protective belt theory includes environmental economics that help keeps the strong core of neoclassical economics. It explains the hard-core of the neoclassical economic research program and protects it from negative heuristic attacks. Environment economic seeks to find how the environmental impacts the economy, which leads to the decisions rational people…

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  • The Importance Of Water In New Zealand

    Water is a significant resource for the country of New Zealand with the country’s population growing, agricultural sector expanding and our climate changing from too dry to too wet and vice versa constantly. For some regions of New Zealand, the water and wastewater sector produce a considerable amount of the local greenhouse gas emissions. Grey water is relatively clean water from showers, baths, and sinks. This water can be cleaned and reused however many homes do not have a greywater system,…

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  • Argument Analysis: Living With Less

    The housing market currently, in my opinion is completely out of control. Aren’t you tired of paying so much for your rent? Don’t you want to stop paying someone else’s mortgage? Homeowner’s insurance, escrow balance, interest percentage, principal amount… so many different things you got to keep up with. I believe the solution lies within the concept of “Living with Less” (LwL). The “LwL” approach to life offers people affordable housing, the ability to become debt-free or minimize their…

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  • Paradox Between Economic Growth And Sustainability

    Sustainability is concerned with the promoting of the most effective use of resources, the protection of the environment and ecosystems and the development of a more equitable world society. As sustainability includes different issues, is often difficult to define precise terms of it. Considering the Venn diagram, sustainability can be described as the intersection of three main issues as environmental, economic and social issues. Sustainability Venn diagram …

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  • Article Review Assignment On Mindfulness

    Le Wang 20508196 PSYCH 291 Article Review Assignment Mindfulness was a great way to enhance an individual 's life. In the popular press article named Mindfulness Could Improve College Students ' Testing Ability, Study Finds (“Mindfulness Could Improve College Students ' Testing Ability, Study Finds,” 2013), causal claims were reported and supported by an experimental study, including the major claim that mindfulness practice could raise performances in working memory and GRE…

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