Economic development

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  • Economic Development In Taiwan

    The economic development in Taiwan and China between the 1980s and 1990s steps up the sequence of events that leads to either the rise of democracy in one country or the survival of the one party system based on the wealth of everyone. In this paper, I will argue that between the 1980s and 1990s in Taiwan, there was economic development that leads to the rise of fluid democracy based on the power theory while in China during the same time period, the rise in economic development doesn’t lead to the rise of democracy and how the modernization theory doesn’t work with the country of China. The outcome within Taiwan was that between the 1980s and 1990s the prosperous economic development in the country had changed the power struggle between…

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  • Fdi And Economic Development

    investment (FDI) stimulates economic development. The essay consists of two portion. First, theories relating to the link between FDI and economic development have been considered. Second, the empirical evidence pertaining to the FDI-economic development link have been evaluated. The conclusion provides an evidence-based answer to the question of whether FDI is linked to economic development. The conclusion is that FDI does appear to contribute to the economic growth of developing countries,…

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  • Economic Development Case Study

    Factors of Economic Development: Comparing India and China In today’s interconnected global economy, China and India are continuing to emerge as leading factors catalyzing the growth of globalization and economic wealth. An overabundance of labor and an increasingly educated population, both Asian countries have transformed their nations into highly influential economic powerhouses. As of 2014, China and India combined for over two-and-a-half billion, 36.737507%, of the seven-plus billion…

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  • Positive Impacts Of Economic Development

    A developing country is a nation with a low standard of living, a low Human Development Index (HDI) and undeveloped industrial base relative to other countries. The factors of defining a developed country involves people have short and unhealthy life, people have less education and less income. It is commonly assumed that economic development plays an important role and has a significant positive effect in developing countries. The economic development of developing countries is most important…

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  • Impact Of Roads On Socio-Economic Development

    The impact of roads and highways on the socio-economic development is obvious as it fosters growth, enhances mobility and provides easy accessibility to both national and international level markets. Many countries have been able to achieve economic development and growth through developing their physical infrastructure which provided the basic platform to these nations and open new doors of socio-economic development through enhancement of trade and insurance of smooth flow of productions,…

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  • Mesopotamia Economic Development

    Over the course of history, a number of items have impacted society. The economical development and growth of society has been influenced by several things. Agriculture and trade has had a tremendous impact on the economic development and growth of society. One such area that has been impacted is that of Mesopotamia, which is Greek for land between rivers. This is now modern day Iraq. The civilizations that make up the Mesopotamia are the Upbraid, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian and…

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  • Economic Growth And Development Essay

    make suggestions on the result of institutions on economic growth and development. First of all, it would be appropriate to start this literature review with the definition of institutes as it is given by the American economist D. North. “Institutions are a set of rules, compliance procedures, and moral and ethical behavioral norms designed to constrain the behavior of individuals in the interests of maximizing the wealth or utility of principles. In consequence they structure incentives in…

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  • China's Economic And Social Development

    SUBJECT: China Summary: For the past three decades, China’s economic and social development trajectory has been growing at an average of about 10 percent GDP growth rate and more than 600 million people have been lifted out of poverty. With a population of about 1.4 billion, China became the second largest economy and is a major political and financial player. Aspirations to become a world leader, in par with the U.S run deep. China is setting up complementary or parallel structures to…

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  • Women Empowerment And Economic Development

    Women and politics seem to have never gone together. This ultimatum is present in many societies throughout the world. However, the severity of such claim is seemingly dependent upon a country’s overall development. This paper will discuss the link between women participation in politics and a country’s overall economic success. This study investigates two African countries that each share a similar gross domestic product (GDP). These countries are Kenya and Ethiopia. A country with a high GDP…

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  • The Role Of Agriculture In Agriculture And Economic Development

    Agriculture and industry have traditionally been considered as two separate sectors both in design and for its role in economic growth. It has been estimated that agriculture is the characteristic element of the first stage of development, whereas we used the degree of industrialization as the most relevant indicator of development of a country on the path of development. Furthermore, it has often say that the appropriate development strategy is one that allows more or less gradually move from…

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