Economic restructuring

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  • The Effects Of Gentrification On Urban Development

    Today, the growing impact of gentrification has made the urban development very susceptible. At this point, it is very important to mention the fact that the process of gentrification emerges under the impact of multiple factors, including but not limited to economic & social factors and globalization in general, which encourage consistent modifications in urban development. Socioeconomic and demographic changes are also a consequence of urban planning which is provoked by gentrification. On the other hand, research is still going on to find out the possible effects of gentrification and the debate on whether gentrification leads to positive or negative effects persists. Nevertheless, changes are significant in the development of cities and…

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  • Harry Denton Case Summary

    Delarks’s new CEO, Harry Denton, has transformed the near bankrupt chain of department stores into a trendy and profitable business full of buying customers. However, in order to arrive at its current success, Denton forced the company through some major changes. Due to a lack of discernment as a new and inexperienced CEO, the longstanding clothing retailer is now facing tremendously low employee morale and the threat of abandonment by key leaders and management personnel. Despite the financial…

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  • Fujairah Case Study

    Step 1 Provide a brief summary of the article The article discusses about the economic crisis and the challenges that will face the HR in the Middle East. Also, the article pointed out that oil prices lead to organizational restructuring in some organizations. Moreover, the economic crisis led some companies to promote many offers of their products that can enable them to compete in the market and improve company morale. Furthermore, the decline in oil prices lead to create and focus on human…

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  • Urbanization In Mumbai Case Study

    massive spatial restructuring of the city. The urbanisation process has to be understood as one of the many consequences of Globalization and not as a process functioning on its own. The nested economic interest of underlying the process of globalisation include increase in the inflow and outflow of foreign capital in the country, shift from manufacturing to service sector and finance and opening up of the economy to make space for international economic activities; as a result of this, the…

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  • Japanese Human Resource Management Case Study

    Changes in Japanese HRM Systems: Case of Sony’s Restructuring (Group 10) IBE455: HRM in Japan Toshihiro Roppongi A1367977 Rika Kitanaka A1368678 Misa Sekine A1368348 Keito Okamoto A1468667 Introduction: In 1990s, slow economic growth, financial crisis has lead Japan to the lost decade. Due to lower productivity, economic growth, increase in global competition, and the financial crisis, many firms in Japan faced severe competition and declining profits. From this, many…

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  • Economics Of College Sports Summary

    Unlike many books that are written or edited by one author the Economics of College Sports was edited by two people John Fizel and Rodney Fort; also, the book was published in 2004. To start with, the first part of the book only contains one chapter which is called “Economics of College Sports: An Overview”. The first part of five parts in the Economics of College Sports the book addresses what exactly it will be talking about throughout the book using empirical and theoretical research to…

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  • Gentrification Theory

    gentrification happens; some of the theories are explained by the production-side of it, the consumption-side, and the political-economic side. Gentrification through a production lens explains the process as a consequence of the uneven investment of capital in certain land uses, its devaluation through use and disinvestment, and the opportunities for profitable reinvestment created. They explain gentrification as an economic process that is caused by fluctuating relationships among capital…

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  • Write About The Differences Between The Large Firm And Small Firm Variants Of Industrial Modernization Analysis

    Write about the differences between the large firm and small firm variants of industrial restructuring. Also, about the conditions that necessitated them. Capitalism has been founded on the idea of large firms. Till 1970s, maximization of profits through large firms was a natural model of economic organization under capitalism. The Fordist model of industrialization was based on mass production of homogeneous goods using assembly line production technology, standardized work routines…

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  • Capitalism And Its Impact On The Environment Essay

    readings, “Environmental Justice and Economic Degrowth: An Alliance Between Two Movements”, the author talks about “social metabolism”, which refers to the flows of energy and materials in the economy. Currently, these “flows” do not move in a sustainable way leading to many conflicts and long term effects which, as the name suggests, take time to come about and now that bill is about to become due. The main conflicts involve environmental justice, the loss of biodiversity, and climate…

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  • King Leaman's Neopopulism In Argentina

    Leaman summarizes what neopopulism emphasizes: (i) leadership instead of institutions, (ii) transformative change rather than a gradual one, (iii) politicians’ focus on economic efficacy rather than political representation, (iv) economic liberty more than equality. The first element is a continuation of Perónism, the second one represents a different approach to economic development but the latter two elements are greatly opposed to what Perón government imposed in Argentina. First, apart from…

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