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  • Mean And Standard Deviation Of Export Analysis

    Mean and standard deviation of export during the period 2001 to 2014 is 16.32 and 10.64 respectively. Mean and standard deviation of import is 37.07 and 27.20. In both the cases, trade between India and BRICS nation is very fluctuated and irregular. Coefficient of variation of export and import shows that the fluctuation is around 0.65(or 65%) and 0.73(or 73%) during the period. Mean and standard deviation of the trade balance is 20.75 and 16.85 respectively, and indicates 81% of variation as coefficient of variation. From the above description it can be concluded that in the entire period of trade, India remains in trade deficits, but export and import are increases manifold from 2001 to 2014. In 2011, import has increased sharply as compared…

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  • Essay On Should Canada Export Its Water To The United States

    Should Canada Export Its Water to the United States? Whether or not Canada should export water to the United States has been an ongoing dispute over the past few decades. The U.S. has been through a number of terrible droughts but it seems as though they are reaching the point where some drastic changes will need to be made. Three of the endless amount of reasons why Canada should not export water to the U.S. is because of the cost, no benefits, and damaged ecosystems. One of the foremost…

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  • 1960-1970: The Dramatic Growth Of Japan

    poor in natural resources because of its mountainous, volcanic and small land. Thus, Japan is often viewed as a heavily export-dependent nation. In order to support its population and growing economy, Japan uses export to earn foreign exchange to pay for the imported goods. This trade pattern is called ‘processing trade’ because Japanese add value to the imported raw materials and then export it to make profits. The Japanese government pays more attention on expansion of exports and regards the…

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  • Analysis Of The Prize: The Epic Quest For Oil, Money, And Power

    “The United States, once the world’s largest producer and still its largest consumer, must import half of its oil supply, weakening its overall strategic position and adding greatly to an already burdensome trade deficit – a precarious position for a great power” (Yergin 14). So said Daniel Yergin in the prologue of his 1990 bestseller The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power. Today, oil retains its importance in the hydrocarbon societies of developed and developing countries as a…

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  • East Asia Economy

    the actual dynamics that influenced such growths. Gaining prominence in the late 1970s, the paradigm of export-led growth replaced that of import-substitution, leading to development strategies designed to increase the productive capacities of economies by focusing on foreign countries (Palley 3). Economists have therefore argued that with openness of these economies and their export-led growth, the explanation for the success of countries such as Japan and South Korea might be the comparative…

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  • Four Components Of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    Option #1 Four Components of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a calculation that came into use in 1937 in part and in response to the Great Depression. The GDP is defined as “the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period” (Investopedia, 2016). The GDP is used as the primary indicator to assess a country’s economic wellbeing. The timelines are usually calculated by quarter or year and are…

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  • Globalization Of Oil In Canada

    A trade deficit is caused when we import more than we export a trade deficit. Exporting goods is key to any economy the more we export the more our economy grows. Exporting oil can be beneficial to any economy. Look at Alberta, According to oilsands.alberta.ca “21,500 people were employed in Alberta 's upstream energy sector, which includes oil sands, conventional oil and gas. Royalties from the oil industry in alberta were “3.56 billion. Alberta exports of goods rose by about 50 per cent from…

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  • Trade Commplementarity Index Case Study

    shows how well the structures of a country’s imports and exports match. It also has the feature that its values for countries considering the formation of a re-gional trade agreement can be compared with others that have formed or tried to form similar arrangements. Where xij is the share of good i in global exports of country j and mik is the share of good i in all imports of country k. The index is zero when no goods are exported by one country or imported by the other and 100 when the…

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  • The Impact Of International Trade On The United States

    Differently from the situation with exports, consumers are the winners and the produces are the losers. The United States in this situation does not have the comparative advantage and previously had a higher world price. As a result of once having a higher world price, suppliers had to lower their prices. This decline negatively affected the producers as they lost their consumers because people were able to import the same product at a cheaper price. The consumers on the other hand, were…

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  • ITA Executive Summary

    allows private firms to partner with the International Trade Administration (ITA). Through ITA’s strategic partnerships, private firms work with ITA to develop an event, program, or resource, in support on increasing awareness of educational resources and export knowledge. This helps ITA educate the public on exporting, and helps private firms by educating their clients while increasing their brand presence. The Office of Strategic Partnerships is under the division of Industry and Analysis; of…

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