Extenuating circumstances

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  • Court Of Trial : The Sentencing Of Tom Mobey

    refreshing and encouraging to see considering the profession is notoriously male dominated; something I myself have previously experienced until this point. The hearing then commenced with the prosecutor outlining the facts of the case. Mobey, the defendant, owned a small business called ‘1st choice guttering maintenance ltd’ which specialised in gutter repairs and general maintenance work. However, Mobey also advertised advanced roofing services, despite the fact neither himself nor his staff were qualified in this area. It transpired that both Ms Dainton and Ms Benton, two very elderly ladies, had contacted Mobey enquiring about roof repairs. Upon brief inspection, Mobey provided a quote and requested large cash deposits. In both circumstances, Mobey later claimed there was…

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  • Analysis Of Kant's Universality Law

    For example, giving money to a homeless person just to get him/her to leave you alone would be judged not moral by Kant because it was done for the wrong reason. With Kants belief in mind; if the consequence of immoral behavior were dealt with in a legal structure, people would be prosecuted for "EVERYTHING" since there are no extenuating circumstances. Kant's categorical imperative is a tri-dynamic statement of philosophical thought:(1) "So act that the maxim of you could always hold at the…

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  • Foreclosure Persuasive Essay

    it is in the seller’s best interest to make it as short as possible, so they are not holding the mortgage on their property for too long. The rent-to-own option is a good option for the buyer who thinks they can never again own a house again and wants to get into the housing markets while the houses are still fairly low in price. Most sellers will require a substantial amount be in your reserve funds as well as excellent credit since your foreclosure. Foreclosure forgiveness: Most…

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  • Hearst Vs Compatibilism

    Once Hearst was found in September of 1975, she was put on trial and found guilty of robbery and other crimes. The outcome of the case seems to support Kant’s theory; it holds Hearst responsible for her decisions. But, Hearst served only two of her seven year sentence before President Carter commuted her sentenced. She was later pardoned of all crimes (FBI). This turn means that someone believed in her brainwashing defense, but also supports Compatibilism as the other group members were found…

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  • Capital Punishment In The Death Penalty

    to the eighth amendment and is necessary to serious circumstances such as if the perpetrator committed murder or imposed a serious threat to society in order to prevent further harm to innocent citizens, to deter such behaviors from criminals, and to rightfully claim justice in society. The Eighth Amendment in the United States Constitution states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” The last lines of this amendment,…

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  • The Role Of Abortion In Presidential Elections

    Trump’s views align with pro-life supporters and he believes that abortions should only be allowed in extenuating circumstances such as rape, incest, or jeopardy of maternal health. However, according to Trump, other aspects such as abortions without reason in the first trimester should not be allowed. Trump, as well as his running mate, Mike Pence, have stated in their campaigns that they strongly oppose abortion. One of the main items on Trump’s agenda includes the defunding of Planned…

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  • GKT: A Polygraph Analysis

    Measuring the physiological changes applying a GKT, which is considered the most accurate (Lewis & Cuppari, 2009), does not determine guilt; however, it does suggest knowledge of the crime due to physiological arousal responses of set questions. This cognitive approach to the detection of psychophysiological responses relies on what one knows instead of conditioned responses (Ben-Shakhar, Bar-Hillel, & Kremnitzer, 2002). Previous studies have demonstrated that the GKT elicits a greater…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of The First Amendment Essay

    information while being a captivating source were you can gain info but should be use with discretion. The first amendment supports how people can publish whatever they want and by having that amendment a lot of time they advertise only things that they know will get them ratings. So a lot of the time what they show the public affects people's perception of what is going on in the world. All in all the first amendment have given people lee way in terms of what they can say in mass media, a good…

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  • Zero Tolerance Case Study

    is that it leaves no room of extenuating circumstances. This week’s case study is a prime example of where a “zero tolerance” policy might not be the best disciplinary action. School principals are charged with carrying out federal, state, and district policies. In some situations this can even mean upholding the law. Although, as school leaders, principals do have control to decide how they apply their power and authority concepts in dealing with policy violations. Many times it comes down to a…

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  • The Survivor Literary Analysis

    to and aspire to be. We are conditioned to believe that to be a hero is to endure the most challenging of circumstances and to still come out on top; taught that to be righteous and victorious in your willing participation as you seek to accomplish a goal is of the highest esteem. In Terrence Des Pres’ The Survivor, Des Pres proves that to be a hero is simple, but to be a survivor, to not only endure and outlast incomparable circumstance but to keep the spirit alive and maintain some semblance…

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