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  • The Navajo Language

    more than the fact that 473 languages are currently close to extinction and in America alone, and that 182 are endangered? These statistics should make all humans consider the fact that diversity is no longer a thing, and that English is the most dominant language. Language is an aspect that makes humans unique individuals in the world and it allows them express their identity, but when languages are being endangered that means there is a threat to identity. Over the years language has been used to pass knowledge from generation to generation, to express the variety of the customs and literature of our different territories, but political and social aspects in America cause languages to disappear. Communities often…

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  • The Last Speaker David Harrison Analysis

    across the world with Harrison and learns about endangered languages. Harrisons’ goal is listen to people’s views on why their language is important and celebrate languages that no longer have a large amount of speakers. Harrison is able to meet the last speakers of some languages and expand his knowledge about different cultures and the influence that language has on people’s everyday lives. Harrison is able to identify the similarities and differences between the languages he knows and the…

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  • Vanishing Voices Analysis

    “Vanishing Voices” by Russ Rymer, particularly the writings titled “Tuvan, I became aware that many endangered languages and cultures have neared extinction when faced with infrastructure growth and global progress. Much of the economic, technological, and political growth is greatly attributed to a globalized society. The article describes the Republic of Tuvan, in which a family is portrayed as living “ between the border of progress and tradition” (Rymer 2). The language in the Republic of…

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  • Kham Case Study

    still understand a good majority of the Taidam language. Even though they can speak in sentences and are capable of holding conversations with relatives, they aren’t able to say every word or phrase (Baccam). Kham’s oldest daughter, JoJo, states, “Being the oldest, I know how to speak and I understand more than my younger siblings, but since I didn’t grow up in the Taidam Village or strictly speak Taidam in the household,…

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  • Languages Of Another Language

    “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” by Charlemagne, by being able to speak another language it shows respect and determination to those who originated with that language as their first. As for today there is a wide variety of different languages that are officially recognized, extinct, or unofficial languages, since there are vast amount of different languages, there 's a few that have adopted some of each other’s culture, by having different or similar alphabet or writing…

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  • Why Is Language Dying Out

    Languages are going extinct. According to the Huffington Post language is dying out faster than any other language. At a rate of one tongue every two weeks. That is faster than animal species are dying out (Underwood). People might say that is good that the smaller languages are dying out because no really spoke them anyway. The thing is that, it is really not good. Language gives us insight into the minds of the people who spoke it and tells us more about the past. As language gets more…

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  • Technical Jargon Research Paper

    Jargon as the language used for a particular activity or by particular group of people. Is people really making the language evolve or is just laziness. Common sense tell us, why use a long complicated word when a short one can deliver the same message. When you explain everything clearly, people will get it. (Berkun, 2012) Because when you start using big words or jargon, most of us get confuse. The use of jargon sometime is use to confuse, distract or intimidate people. What about if I tell…

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  • Slur Words In John Mcwhoter's Politics And The English Language

    He writes about the fact that although people should know better, we imitate foul usage of language and drag words that originally had an innocent meaning through the mud. “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought”, he writes. Slurs did not come into being as derogatory. They were found and utilized by those who wished to further racial propaganda and retain white, cisgender, heterosexual, male power. Slur words target those who, by society’s standards, are weaker.…

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  • Utoceaiso In Guy Deutscher's You Are What You Speak

    author, explained how the languages influence people’s aspect, thoughts, and a society (p.215). In other words, people can make assumptions about a society from its language. Thus, people can make assumptions about the mysterious tribe found by anthropologists by examining its linguistic characteristics. For example, linguistic anthropologists can name the mysterious tribe “Utoceaiso” from their assumptions about the tribe. The first part of the name “uto” came from a “utopian” society.…

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  • Die Out Of Language Analysis

    I don't agree with the opinion that the die out of languages is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. As far as i know, it has been reported that several languages become extinct every year. However, some people care nothing about this phenomenon because they think it can reduce barriers between people who has different culture background. But in my point of view, the disadvantages is outweigh the advantages. It does help to make the world closer…

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