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  • Principles And Values That Underpins Working With Children Essay

    Also if the bump is serious the child must be taken to casualty immediately by a designated staff member. Also, to ensure equal opportunity in my setting and at my placement, a practitioner should not treat children like they are all the same. They should treat children as a “unique child” and individuals. Therefore the setting will support children regardless of their background ability or culture and celebrate Diversity in displays in activities for example if there is a language barrier an interpreter would be needed for the child to translate no child should be disadvantaged because of their language. Conforming to…

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  • Family Violence Definitions

    also the further, consistent requirement that a person is not exposed to family violence. Under s 68P(2), the Family Court is obligated to expressly state that the parenting order in place is inconsistent with the existing family violence order and actually explain this to those involved in either order. Moreover, s 68Q is a failsafe provision that makes it clear that if there is an inconsistency between a parenting order and a family violence order, the latter is invalid. Sub-section (2) allows…

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  • Unique Children: Principles Of Learning And Development

    Professionals are aware of each other’s role in supporting the family so that the parents don’t get asked the same questions over and over again and any meetings with the parents can be minimised. Working as a team is a key way in which you can provide good quality care and education for children and support their families. The characteristics of working in a multi-agency team are that it is a team of different professionals that come together to help the development of a child, you can have a…

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  • Family Disputes: The Magellan Case

    the importance of Magellan is that it is an integrated case-management system that works to reduce trauma for children and that keenly focuses the evidence-gathering and trial processes on ensuring the best outcomes for children who may have been abused or may be at risk of abuse. Background In 1997 the Australian Law Reform Commission and Human Rights Commission conveyed a report ‘Seen but not heard’. Focussing on children’s involvement within the legal process, revelations of excessive…

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  • The Dangers Of Safeguarding Children

    with any staff members, such as a change in personality or not engaging as they would normally with adults or children. Schools have guidelines and regular training regarding physical contact with children and following the guidelines. Training is given regarding manual handling and the steps to follow when moving a disruptive or violent child. Policies outline the strict procedures on how to escort a child or young adult without physical contact or using the open mitten practice for a child in…

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  • Description Of Unwanted Phone Contacts

    Unwanted phone contacts 2.1 Definition Unwanted phone contacts. This is the number of phone contacts received from customers that are ‘unwanted’ from the customer’s point of view. This includes a contact about an event or action that has caused the customer unnecessary aggravation (however mild). It also includes repeat or chase calls by the customer to the company. This is determined by the subject matter of the call. 2.2 Aim To measure the number of phone contacts to the company that, from…

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  • Different Kinds Of Interpersonal Communication

    nicely or indirectly. Now I try to say indirectly so I won’t hurt the other person as much. There is always a way of saying something nicely even though it is very harsh and it could hurt the other person badly. And by saying it good way is good for both sides and it builds some kind of relationship or bond between them for example, friends and family. I have also progressed in nonverbal communication, which is a kind of communication doesn’t include talking or words instead it’s about body…

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  • Non-Verbal Communication

    of sign language. An example of this being used in a care setting is when in a nursery and a child is reading a story to the teacher and the teacher gives thumbs up to praise and encourage the child. Gestures and Body Movement are important because it promotes effective communication since it is a way of convey messages and emotions without the embarrassment of saying them aloud or the waste of time. The third non-verbal communication is facial expression. Facial expression is the movement of…

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  • Research Paper On Nonverbal Communication

    conveyed, through the mediums of body language, posture, clothing, distance, physical appearance, cultural gestures, tone and inflection of voice, and eye contact is nonverbal communication. A majority of the population consciously…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Chapter 6 Summary

    Sometimes you will really want to do this. Ask yourself: What form of invitation should I use? When is it alright to use email for invitations? When is it alright to use texts for invitations? Getting Close In descending order, there is personal element of closeness with different forms of invitation. As a general rule, the closer the better. Invite in person rather than call. Call rather than email. Email rather than text. Life is richer lived closer. 1. In Person. In person…

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