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  • Kinesics: An Interpretation Of Body Language

    Body Language Human beings use body language for a variety of important reasons. Being able to interpret body language helps protect us, adds depth to a conversation, and gives us clues as to how others are feeling. For humans non verbal communication is a huge part of how we communicate and some body language is recognizable around the world. Janine Driver, a body language expert, can even be quoted from a documentary for the History channel saying that ninety three percent of what we communicate to others is non verbal (Millar, 2008). Body language is also often called kinesics, as that is a more proper term for it. Body language can show leadership, confidence, aggression and fear in ways that will be expanded upon later. Kinesics, or body language, involves facial expressions, how the body is positioned, gestures, eye movement, touching, and proximity. There are six main…

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  • Compare And Contrast Araby And Araby

    While “Araby” uses emotions through many metaphors and ambiguous terms, “Maladies” uses a much more unemotional, straightforward style throughout the story so as to paint a picture for the reader. Take the last paragraph in each story for example; in “Araby” the narrator is “gazing up into the darkness” and sees himself “a creature driven and derided by vanity; and [his] eyes burned with anguish and anger” (16). This exceedingly metaphorical sentence, the reader is forced to substitute their own…

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  • Reflection On 'Casey And Cassie: A True Story'

    “May the bridges I burn light the way.” -Dylan McKay Introduction The year is 2016, and there continues to be racism, sexism, genderism, negativism, discrimination, bigotry, aparthied and unfairness. When will it end and will it be in this lifetime? Well we know how it began. So maybe its ' end is near. Those previous words, spoken from a person who sees the glass as half-full, and is considered an idealist; I am that person. Taking the Adult Learning and Development 600: Multicultural…

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  • Professional Interpreter

    At a professional interpreter conference in 2013 a presenter stated, "The interpreter is the sole holder of all information in an interpreted encounter." The information that the interpreter holds is linked to the language and culture of the parties involved. Sociolinguistics is the study of how language interactions between members of social networks and between different social networks. This field also studies how language and culture are perceived by the interlocutors or the audience of the…

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  • Deaf Interpreter Language Analysis

    Deaf interpreters have a different use of the language which impacted the quality of the interpretation/translation of the material. There was still a use of hearing interpreters in media even though Deaf people have asked for Deaf translators. Reasons for this preference were related to the fluency and naturalness of the Deaf translator. Hearing interpreters did not often have the cultural awareness to convey the message equivalently and in a way that conveyed the meaning clearly. (Allsop &…

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  • Advice For Interpreters: Timing

    smiling when their pitch changed. They also noticed that the mothers’ voice would undergo a slight change in pitch in an effort to get their child’s attention. Once the child recognized the change in pitch and started paying attention, the mother’s speech would slow down which would give the child a chance to absorb the verbal stimuli and understand the words being spoken. The mother’s voice would also increase in volume, which Hoicka and Gattis (2012) surmised that she wanted to be sure her…

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  • Personal Narrative: Hearing Interpreters

    Another weakness I noticed in my work is I would apply my own knowledge and logic to my interpretations, which is a skill that can be great, but it can also backfire. For example, one docent signed something that I was certain was accidental, so I decided to correct her mistake in my interpretation. This was a strategy that I have seen other interpreters use, and know it to be effective, but I found it was the wrong choice for this moment. The docent caught my correction and made me reinterpret…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Face To Face Interpreting

    An American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter holds the responsibility of facilitating communication for Deaf or hard of hearing (HOH) individuals in a setting involving a hearing, or not deaf, person. Interpreters must be fluent in both English and ASL in order to effectively facilitate communication. Interpreters work for their Deaf client but also work for the hearing client as well. Interpreting is not just about serving the deaf person and making sure they understand, it is making sure both…

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  • Contextual Interpretation

    historically one is looking at the world in which the text was written, and what the authors or editors originally wanted the Bible to say. Another of the three methods of interpretation is literary. Literary interpretation analyzes the text from a literary standpoint. One who is interpreting the text in this way would look at literary devices, and theological presuppositions within the Bible. The last method of interpretation that one may use when reading the Bible is contextual. A contextual…

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  • Brennan's Argument Analysis

    and without a doubt spent many hours pondering the correct interpretation of the constitution. In Brennan’s “Speech to the Text and Teaching Symposium”, the Associate Justice not only responded to Meese’s argument with his own view but also rebuked the originalist view of the constitution. The truth about strict interpretation is, “in truth it is little more than arrogance cloaked as humility” claims the Justice. According to Brennan, the originalist view demands that Justices decide exactly…

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