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  • Examples Of Sexism In Video Games

    characters do appear in video games, it is more likely they are scantily dressed and over-sexualized in unrealistic ways. Few video games have exclusively female heroes. This is in part because there 's a sense in the industry that games with female heroes won’t sell which is mostly attributed in part to these games receiving much smaller marketing budgets than games with male heroes. Games that included the option of selecting a female hero sell better than games with only a female choice, but the ones with male-only protagonists sell better overall. This led to many years where women were not represented at all in games until the late 1990s. Since her introduction in 1996, the character Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series in particular has been criticized for her unrealistic breast size; Lara was claimed to personify an ongoing culture clash over gender, sexuality, empowerment, and objectification. However, the game 's creators maintain that she was not designed with marketing in mind, and have claimed to be rather surprised at her pinup-style adoration. In two sequels of fighting games Soul Calibur and Tekken that take place several years after the original issue, recurring male characters were allowed to age, but all female characters were kept the same age or replaced by their daughters so they would still look young and energetic. This doesn 't just show up while playing the games, it also alters when advertising them as well. Women who end up on the cover of video…

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  • Representation Of Women In Video Games Analysis

    There are a handful of games out that include a female protagonists, such as Tomb Raider. When asked about female game characters and their representation, the responses were skewed. While the female respondents could not name any games that had a strong female lead and just focused on the sexual emphasis that is placed on women characters, Nick mentioned a few and that he enjoyed when a female was the lead character. Nick continued to say “For instance, there is a new game coming out called…

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  • Lara Croft Film Analysis

    From the opening scene fight scene, the screen displays Lara Croft calmly hanging upside down from a rope (Lara). She displays a don’t-mess-with-me face, and as the fight scene continues it is easy to see that she has earned it. However, looking at the rest of Lara, one cannot help but think that fighting in such tight clothes cannot be comfortable. For once it seemed like there was finally going to be a strong female lead in an action movie that would be a great role model for girls to look up…

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  • Sexism In Videogames

    by 10-year olds and that game has a strip club in it. At that strip club, you can even get a lap dance throw money at the girls, and take one home with you. If you raise the standards to buy the game, the kids will still get their little hands on them. They have parents, Christmas, and begging puppy faces. Their parents will eventually crack and buy them the game for Christmas. The only way to stop this is to try to change the content of the game. The violence may be fine for now. We are not…

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  • Dwell Magazine Case Study

    History Dwell is an American based magazine that is dedicated to modern architecture and design of homes. Launched in October 2000 by founder Lara Hedberg Deam, Dwell has since been published in numerous domestic and international titles, from Condé Nast Traveler, Los Angeles Magazine, Urbis, Vogue Living and Elle Décor UK (Wiki 2015). Dwell describes itself as being somewhere between an architecture trade publication and a consumer shelter magazine, pulling successfully from both of these…

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  • Essay On Gender Diversity In Video Games

    protagonists, the number of female characters in the games has steadily increased over time. While there are not many female protagonists, the ones that do exist are memorable and popular. The two most famous female characters are Seamus, the hero from Nintendo’s Super Metroid, who fights enemies in space wearing her iconic suit, and Lara Croft from Square Enix’s Tomb Raider. Seamus is a very good example of putting women into games as protagonists. In the original Super Metroid, Seamus wore her…

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  • Tomb Raider Analysis

    Problems of Tomb Raider 1 The film Tomb Raider opens with the main character Lara Croft fights with a large robot inside of an ancient tomb. She defeats the robot with fantastic skill and it reveals that the scene takes place in a practice arena in her home. The opening introduces the setting of Lara as a tomb raider. Later, Lara finds a mystery clock in a secret room in her house, it discovers there is a strange device hidden inside the clock. Actually the clock is the key to retrieve two…

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  • Plastic Surgery Controversy

    In The pitfalls of plastic surgery by Camille Pagila, Camille discusses her views/ believes regarding plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery is altering your body into your ideal shape. Camille Paglia view on plastic surgery are she does not favor plastic surgery. She believes your body should stay how it was made. Paglia says as individuals we see “woman as ingénue”, meaning innocent or unsophisticated. She used examples as Lana Turner, Barbie, Lara Croft to support the idea behind plastic surgery.…

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  • What Are Gender Stereotypes In Video Games

    wouldn’t want to play as a character that wouldn’t let you kill the bad guy or that was to afraid to move. Stereotypes are widely held and oversimplified so they have no room in video games because they don’t matter. They’re aren 't many ways that they are different but there are a few. One difference is that the male characters have or had a female that they cared for greatly, were as the female characters show more independence in the games. John depends on Cortana throughout most of the…

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  • Persuasive Speech About Women

    powerful female protagonists like in games such as Tomb Raider and Last of Us. Tomb Raider’s protagonist is considered a one of the greatest female characters of all time in the gaming industry as she is one of the few women who are portrayed as elegant and powerful in games. When the Tomb Raider series came out, the creators over sexualized her to an inhuman level. Big chest, thin frame and great butt, the old tomb raider had it all. However, that portrayal of her, simply objectified her and…

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