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  • College Admissions Essay: I Love TED Talk

    I love TED Talks. In the quiet morning before school, I found myself pursuing the Internet looking for a catchy title and a topic of which I wish to learn more. I am often provided with a creative idea, new perspective, or meaningful message for me to reflect upon and apply to my life in some small way. TED Talks are created by passion, intelligent individuals who have amazing messages to share with the world. While some topics have more of a direct correlation to my life than others, these speakers are incredibly knowledgeable and have worked diligently to hone their delivery skills in hopes of empowering others. As the year comes to a close, I am attempting to identify how 2016 has shaped me, enlivened my creativity, and motivated me to continue to grow, learn, and serve others. The TED Talks that have filled the airwaves around me in my early mornings before school have played a significant role in my metacognitive musings. From leadership to gratitude, playtime to kindness - the topics that I have learned from about from these remarkable people have challenged my thinking and reminded me what is most valuable in our lives in encouraging ways. Here's a little sample of what has been shared with me this year because of TED: 1. The Magic of Kindness: Orly Wahba at TED 2013 While this video is a few years old, I stumbled upon it looking for a message to share with my students the last day before winter break. In need a reminder of the greatest gift we can give those around…

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  • Compare And Contrast Montana 1948 And Twelve Angry Men

    Larry Watson’s Montana 1948 and Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men both view society in a negative light that is full of prejudice and injustice. By placing both of these texts in a pessimistic view, readers are able to see that all humans are flawed. Both authors are able show that character’s varied ideologies, mistakes, and traits are a part of human nature. Watson displays these ideas through Wes and Julian whilst Rose mainly shows this through Jurors 3 and 10. Equally, Watson and Rose…

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  • Body Structures In Amigo Brothers

    Amigo Brothers Antonio and Felix both want to be lightweight champions in boxing,but they each have different boxing styles and body structures. In this essay, i’m going to tell you all about their similarities and differences. They are very similar as they are different. They are best friends that act like they are brothers. They both are similar because they are Puerto Rican boxers. They both enjoy collecting fighting magazines and read and look at them. They are both seventeen years…

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  • Hip Hop And Basketball Research Paper

    referred to as the first mainstream hip-hop song, had lyrics about basketball. “Rapper’s Delight” wasn’t only popular in the United States, but it was an international hit. It quickly spread to a number of countries. Big Bank Hank rapped, “I got a color TV so I can see the Knicks play basketball.” This set the foundation for the rest of the symbiotic relationship between hip-hop and basketball. People heard this and implicitly drew a connection between the two. During this time, the NBA featured…

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  • High Tech High Film Analysis

    current college graduates with a reported fifty-three percent unemployment rate. In the opinion of the film’s director Greg Whiteley, the current K-12 education system that has existed since 1893 is ill-suited to preparing students to adapt and thrive in a world that is quickly transitioning from an industrial-based economy to an information economy. High Tech High’s radical notions of student-directed learning and application of knowledge through extensive projects potentially provide a…

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  • Larry Bird Research Paper

    Larry Bird was indisputably the best forward to ever play in the National Basketball Association. Larry Bird is full of drive, continually seeking his inner-goal which was to one day become a star player. Late nights on his small, cracked driveway in a small town plowed the prosperous way of life that he worked so hard to achieve. Shoving his way out of poverty, Bird left a legacy in the high-flying game of basketball. Born in West Baden, Indiana located outside French Lick, Indiana Bird was…

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  • The California Kid Faber Analysis

    "The California Kid" Urijah Faber has shocked the world by announcing he will be retiring following his UFC On FOX 22 fight against Brad "One Punch" Pickett. Urijah Faber was a guest on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani where he made the decision to retire. Faber said that he still has a passion for fighting but his emotions toward fighting has changed now then in the past. Faber would also go onto mention that in his previous fights he has not found that emotional rise or fall and that to him…

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  • Facten Case Study

    2.1 Company Profile Facten is a privately held company headquartered in Paris, France. Founded from years of research in machine learning and semantic search, Facten invented a fundamentally different way to scan massive bases of scientific information to find hard to spot, yet critical segments of scientists working on the technologies that Facten customers sell (Facten 2016). Facten is Software as a Service application to help companies selling to Life Science Academics discovers, profile and…

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  • Muhammad Ali's Toughest Fight

    Muhammad Ali’s Toughest Fight Ali was the “Sports Personality of the Twentieth Century” named by the British Broadcasting Corporation (CBS Interactive Inc.). He was one of the greatest boxers of all time, if not the best. When commentating on Ali’s incredible boxing skills, Richard Hoffer said the boxer was “more than just lip service”(Smith 49). A general misconception is that Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease because of old age. Parkinson’s is a progressive disease of the nervous…

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  • Analysis Of Black Nationalism In The Black Arts Movement

    “But listen, though, one more thing. And you tell this to your father, who’s probably the kind of man who needs to know at once. So he can plan ahead. Tell him not to preach so much rationalism and cold logic to these niggers. Let them alone” (Baraka, 1968). Clay has told Lula and Baraka to White Society, to be aware of what you teach the African American community, because you may find out that they are a lot smarter than they are given credit for, and may potentially lead to their death and…

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