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  • The Role Of Sports In The 1960's

    For example, “Bill Russell was the cornerstone of the Boston Celtics' dynasty of the 1960s, an uncanny shotblocker who revolutionized NBA defensive concepts. A five-time NBA Most Valuable Player and a 12-time All-Star, an average of 22.5 per game and led the league in rebounding four times” (NBA Encyclopedia Playoff Edition). Bill Russell was the best defender for the Boston Celtics. He had incredible stats throughout his career and had multiple outstanding seasons. Also, “With Russell anchoring the middle of the floor, the Celtics finished with the best record in the league in 1957, and went on to win the title over the Hawks in a tense seven-game series. It was the start of an unprecedented championship run for Russell and the Celtics. Over 12 years, the team played in 11 NBA finals, winning 10 of them” (Bill Russell Biography). Russell was a defensive and rebounding force. Five times he was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, and his 21,620 rebounds are second only to Chamberlain’s career mark. Bill made a huge impact on the Boston Celtics and he was a major part of their team in the 1960s. Boston Celtics have grown greatly because of the incredible player Bill…

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  • The Pistons History

    The Pistons, who had seven players average double digits in scoring, would be put to the test in the first round as they need to beat the Washington Bullets in a fifth game. In the second round the Pistons would play up to their better levels as they beat the Chicago Bulls in five games to set up a rematch with the Boston Celtics. After the home team won all seven games in the past years, the Pistons appeared to have the advantage i taking game two in Boston. However, after taking game three at…

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  • What Are The Patriots: Similarities And Differences

    If you’re looking for the epitome of sports dynasties, the Boston Celtics, and the New England Patriots are two of the most recognizable. These two franchises dominated their respective sports: the Celtics for basketball, and the Patriots for American football. Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that they are amazing organizations with a knack of winning. I will now go through the similarities and differences of these two dynasties. Both are centralized in the heart of…

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  • Why Sports Is Important To Me

    could most likely tell you. If you told me that the Boston Celtics, New York Yankees, or San Francisco 49ers was playing, I would tell you to switch to all of them. Those are the sports teams that I follow religiously and I have multiple reasons why. The New York Yankees is one of the most well-known…

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  • Creative Writing: Oklahoma City Thunder

    meeting with anyone to hear their sales pitch is still the smartest way to do. It’s like doing business, where you need to hear what they can really do for you. That’s exactly would happen here, Durant will definitely meet with guys and will try to create some interesting conversation. But this would not come as easy talks for Durant, expects some big moves and some freaky tug-of-war between several teams. Still, it's really hard to imagine seeing Heat, Rockets, Knicks, Lakers, or Rockets…

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  • Personal Narrative: This I Believe In Basketball

    This I Believe By: Isaac bowah I believe in basketball. Basketball has been around for 132 years and was first created in 1891 by Dr.James Naismith in Springfield Massachusett . Basketball was first played at the Young Men's Christian association(YMCA).Just like any other professional sport that was created it all started with a few rules . Basketball with just 13 rules and a certain number of people allowed on the court. Over the years basketball evolved to being played at many…

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  • How Did Magic Johnson Influence Modern Society

    of his time, effort, and money toward charities, most for HIV/AIDS causes and young people (“Magic Johnson”). Magic Johnson’s HIV test may have stopped his amazing career, but it could not stop him from making the world a better place. Magic Johnson has benefitted modern society by making the NBA more popular with fans and inspiring many African Americans to play basketball in the NBA. For example, Magic and Larry Bird, a legendary white player on the Boston Celtics, went head to head in the…

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  • Naism In Sports

    This alliance just kept going five years before disbanding; its death brought forth various approximately sorted out classes all through the northeastern United States. One of the first and most noteworthy expert groups was the Original Celtics, sorted out around 1915 in New York City. They played upwards of 150 recreations a season and overwhelmed ball until 1936. The Harlem Globetrotters, established in 1927, an eminent presentation group, represents considerable authority in diverting court…

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  • Character Analysis: The Cavaliers

    After two more seasons at Virginia, Stith would go on to a 10 year career in the National Basketball League, with three teams. He was the No. 13 draft pick of the Denver Nuggets in the 1992. He would spend eight seasons with the Nuggets before spending one season with the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers. After his playing career ended, Stith and his wife Barbara Dilworth, an ODU alumnae would return to their hometown of Lawrenceville, Va., with their two sons, Brandan and B.J., both…

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  • Michael Jordan's NBA Career

    Michael’s fame grew and grew in the fifteen years of his NBA career and he never changed. Normally when people get famous the fame goes to the person's head and that person would change and people would hate them. Michael did not do that, which proves his class and passion to the sport. Michael Jordan changed the game for the NBA superstar. In the article it states, “Even contemporaneous superstars recognized the unparalleled position of Jordan. Magic Johnson said, ‘There's Michael Jordan and…

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