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  • Process Essay: How To Be Smoothy Ideas

    make us feel attractive, strong and independent. Like our voice, hands and eyes, its unique to everyone and can help build self love and great relationships, both platonic and romantic. So, to learn how to be sexy, think about a time when you felt you best; your most comfortable, generous, beautiful and kind? For some of us, contrary to what I said above, this may include taking time out to get out nails done and do our hair. For others, its might be doing a yoga class or doing weights in the gym. Or perhaps its when your cooking for loved ones or when your at work or school, doing what you love. What ever it is, weather your wearing sweat pants or a beautiful dress, weather your in public or curled up in bed with a book. Find out what makes your feel amazing and bottle it up, because that my friend is sexiness! Ask anyone; man or women, what they consider sexy? They will generally pause and then describe a person who is comfortable with who they are, looks like they are having a great time and is open to interactions with others. So, to be a bit more specific, I want to give you my tips and tricks for looking, acting and most importantly feeling your sexiest and best! *before I begin, I want to talk quickly about slut shaming or in other words, making other people feel ashamed for looking or acting in a way that you might not agree with. This is just not cool. Every person has the right to express themselves without being judged and bullied. There is nothing wrong with…

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  • Disposable Plastic Bottles

    The disposable, plastic water bottle has become a part of everyday life in America. It is almost impossible to not see at least one person walking around with one in hand. It is not hard to see the benefits of carrying one around. After all, they are convenient and help people have easy access to water away from a water source. Unfortunately, this innovation has become more taken for granted nowadays. Contrary to its perception before, people no longer see water bottles as a luxury or a…

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  • Plastic Water Bottles Research Paper

    Goodbye Plastic Water Bottles In the United States, Americans use 50 billion plastic bottles a year. To put that in perspective, Americans consume about 1500 plastic water bottles per second. That is way too much to be using just to use something to drink out of. The United States has some of the safest drinking water in the world, so why do we need to have bottled water that claims to be “purified” or from some springs? The answer is we don’t. In Austin, Texas we have already banned…

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  • The Benefits Of Bottled Water

    In society today, many people believe that bottled water is healthier for you than tap water. Even though the water is purified before it is bottled and shipped all over the nation, does this make the water in the bottle cleaner than the water that comes from the tap? The purification of bottled water often sounds healthier because it is said to take out the dangerous chemicals that can be found in tap water. However, when tested some cannot tell the difference between tap water and the purified…

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  • Thwaites Swot Analysis

    specialists like Best of British use Parcelforce, a subsidiary of the Royal Mail ( Figure 4 shows where our opportunity is; with the delivery structure. So firstly we can be more resourceful by taking more control over our online sales. Secondly we can add value and make our product more desirable by making shipping so much simpler. Instead of charging by weight like our competitor, a simple cost matrix (fig 4.) has been devised to show the delivery prices are…

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  • Tap Water Research Paper

    All three of the articles prove that bottled water hurts the environment in a few ways. “New study” clearly explains that landfills keep getting more full and that “the bottled water industry has taken a few hits of late for the [...] problem plastic bottles generate” (3). In “Mayors Push,” Charlotte, N.C., Mayor Patrick McCrory and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Mayor Don Robart say that the bottled water industry has tried to limit the plastic used for water bottles. The bottled water industry's…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day At The Gym

    would fall off. I decided I 'd take a break from lifting and maybe start in a week or a decade or so. That embarrassment is something nobody should have to go through. So, today I 'm going to tell you how not to be noticed at the gym. From this you will learn about people with huge upper bodies and small lower, girls lifting a lot more than guys, and the science behind blender bottles at the gym. The first time at the gym for most of us deals with a lot of staring at muscles we didn’t…

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  • Analysis Of A Ban On Water Bottles

    A Ban on Water Bottles In the article ‘’ A Ban on Water Bottles: A way to bolster the University’s image’’ Amanda Jacobowitz discusses the ban of water bottle sales in her campus. The University of Washington has arranged an accession to ban water bottles over the usage of plastic. Water should be a product available at any campus for dehydration. Having an ecofriendly environment can change people’s perspective on how much plastic is being withered. The amount of water usage it takes to make…

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  • Tapped: Effects Of Bottled Water

    Tapped is a documentary that details the effects water bottles and water bottle production has on the environment and the people living there. It details the way water bottling companies take advantage of local communities and their environments in order to turn a profit. The movie also discusses the way advertising for bottled water changed and how it motivated Americans to buy more bottled water. Tapped also highlights the dangers of living next to oil plants that are used in the production of…

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  • Essay On Tap Water

    “The US Container Recycling Institute estimates that 67 million plastic water bottles are discarded every day. That is enough plastic water bottles to wrap around the planet 149 times each year,” Jockers researched. Plastic water bottles are hazardous to the environment and that is final. Water is water; persuaded people believe that bottled water is healthier and cleaner than regular tap water, yet that may not always be the case. The nutritional value between tap water and bottled water has no…

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