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  • Bottled Water Bottle Analysis

    Cynthia Barnett’s Business in a Bottle and Peter Gleick’s Selling Bottled Water both claim the bottled water industry has convinced the general public that bottled water is more beneficial for them than tap water. However, it is Gleick’s argument in Selling Bottled Water drastically expands on the heavily qualified evidence Barnett presents in Business in a Bottle: Barnett’s opitimism seems to seep into her argument in which she argues that bottled water has simply put out effective advertising and our government is trying to do the right thing in regards to regulation. Yet, when looking at Gleick’s evidence, you can see see how his argument extends the evidence presented by Barnett to widen the frame to show a much darker more accurate picture…

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  • Compare And Contrast Bottled Water Vs Disposable Water Bottles

    Most tap water is more heavily tested and regulated than bottled water (Ellsbury 10, 2012). So why do we prefer it more than, just about free, tap water in our homes? Bottled water is expensive and uses more water to make than what is inside of it. It also uses about seventeen million barrels of oil to manufacture water bottles every year. This is enough oil to fuel one million cars a year (Ellsbury 10, 2012). We, as a community, need to try to cut back on using disposable water bottles, or…

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  • Benefits Of Bottled Water

    production, distribution, and disposal, bottled water plays an adverse role in both the environment and human health. Bottled water endangers the livelihood of individuals and the ecosystem through the contamination of natural resources and emission of abundant greenhouse gases. As a result, finding solutions to remove the damage of bottled water production is rather difficult, however alleviation of the issue is possible. Companies such as Nestle have embarked on more sustainable methods to…

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  • The Benefits Of Bottled Water

    In society today, many people believe that bottled water is healthier for you than tap water. Even though the water is purified before it is bottled and shipped all over the nation, does this make the water in the bottle cleaner than the water that comes from the tap? The purification of bottled water often sounds healthier because it is said to take out the dangerous chemicals that can be found in tap water. However, when tested some cannot tell the difference between tap water and the purified…

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  • Bottled Water Bottles

    Water parks, water slides, and water fights! Being at Splash Valley can be a blast; having a neighborhood water fight can be more fun than Splash Valley. But one thing that is not fun is finding out that bottled water can be contaminated. Water is essentially the most important substance the human body needs. Approximately 3.9 trillion gallons of water are consumed in the U.S. per month (Water). Some of this water is also bottled water, which is foreseen as the healthier way to go compared to…

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  • Water Vs Bottled Water Essay

    purchase a water bottle or drink water from the faucet. Consumers base their decisions on taste, ads, or labels, even though the labels are just for hype. For example, Margolin said if the fine print was looked at carefully, consumers would see that Everest Water does not come from Mount Everest; their water comes from Corpus Christi, Texas. Also, another brand of bottled water, Glacier Clear Water does not come from a glacier in Alaska like it may appear, but rather it comes from a source of…

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  • Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

    sixty million water bottles a day, and for every five water bottles consumed, one is recycled. The length of time for plastic water bottles to decompose is between four hundred and one thousand years. People may choose to drink bottled water over tap water with the misconception that it is the cleaner, tastier, or even a healthier choice. The rate at which people are consuming bottled water is causing landfills to be filled with approximately seventy-five percent of the plastic water bottles…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Water Bottled Water

    The ever popular water bottle barely existed half a century ago in the United States. Although there were high end imports that people could buy, they were more of a fashion statement rather than the necessity as we see it today. Most Americans saw and used water from the tap on a daily basis because it was all they had ever known, until the simple water bottle boomed into an everyday resource. Starting with huge sales in the 1990’s, the water bottle industry, worth over $22 Billion dollars, has…

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  • Bottled Water Essay

    you consume bottled water, you are also taking the risk to get cancer and various reproductive damages. Human body need water, it is our biological needs. However, people choose to drink bottled water is just for them to meet their secondary needs. If you could choose between bottled water and drink water fresh out from the tap, I believe you would go for bottled water. No doubt that our body needs water to survive. In US, most of the people have the access to tap water, but there is a large…

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  • Drinking Bottled Water

    Bottled water is one of products popularly consumed for the previous few decades. Because of the marketing of bottled water, people prefer to drink bottled water rather than tap water. Research has shown the fact that bottled water may not be as safe as the water provided by local utilities. So, why do people choose to drink bottled water and is bottled water as pure as advertised? There are also concerns about the effects of bottled-water on human health and the natural environment, due to the…

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